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Ask Martin - Archive
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Are the Craftsman & Student similar in style to the Buckingham, can't see a pic' anywhere on the web to view & you don't have a pic of those two. I'd prefer a bent rather than straight stem. Also do Churchwardens take filters if needed? Thanks. The Student is small but all three of these ranges come in a selection of shapes. So if you tell me yourpreference then I can select. The only filter C/W I have is the Big Ben. Regards Martin.
I have just brought a corn cob pipe that has a filter in it. Do you sell these filters. I sell most filters, what diameter is the tube? Regards Martin.
hello martin wondering if i might order specific sharrow's snuff rather than assorted package? It is ok to sell specific snuffs but the minimum would be a pack of 12 small. Regards Martin.
I am looking to buy a Keyser pipe. Where can I obtain one? I can supply the Keyser and will contact you direct. Regards Martin.
I have a Dunhill lighter which is quite old. It's much smaller than what is available currently and as a consequence, I can't find any butane can or filler with a mouth small enough to fit into the intake. I've looked at just about every shop in California and New York but can't seem to find the right butane cartridge for this. Any suggestion? NR Dunhill do there own gas refill which fits al their models. But I cannot send this product to you for safety reasons. Regards Martin.
I want an organic, no chemical, with filter cigarette. Would that be American Spirit Mild, or have you others The Am Spirit is the one and only. Regards Martin.
Hi, Do you know where I could get a Colibri Monogas Lighter from the 1970's fixed? Kind Regards Lesley It is possible that my repair can do this ! Send me a direct email so I can get more details. Regards Martin.
Hello Martin, What is the best pipe to buy for eveyday use? What is your favorite brand? Bernie The best everyday pipes would be Peterson's with their Donegal or my House McGahey pipes. Regards Martin.
i have read that st bruno contains perique tobacco and is deemed a va/p blend i thought i could taste perique in most blends but with the heaviness of st bruno i can't detect any , is it me ? I have never considered St B to contain Perique, but does any one else have a view to share with SG? Regards Martin.
Can you get Vanilla flavoured as well as the Rum flavoured ones. Also do you stock Meharis ... I can get Vanilla flavoured Alt's and I do stock the Meharis range. Regards Martin.
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