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Ask Martin - Archive
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I have faulty Dunhill rollagas lighter - when filled with gas, it escapes. Have been quoted 65 for repair - can you do and if so what would be cost? Can repair and this figure is about right! Regards Martin.
I send my Uncle Fosters Dark by post every week. He lives in Grimsby. I am looking for an easier way to get it to him. Is it something you stock? Or do you have any idea's where I can get it. We only know of one shop in Nottingham. This sounds like a made up name by the Nottingham shop! Could have a similar tobacco in my range but nothing to go on to suggest. Regards Martin.
I love snuff, i discovered it while in germany. I am currently in canada and would like to obtain a lagre amount of snuff, can i import this from you, or can i find it here? I can supply you from here, just select from my site. I do not know the Canadian market. Regards Martin.
I see you have djarum blacks for sale ... I'd been told they werent sold in the Uk anymore. Is that true? They are been available in the UK since the middle of last year and are on going. Regards Martin.
Where Can I buy a Churchwarden pipe. (or 2) my husband is a Churchwarden and I thought it may be a nice birthday present. Kind regards Vicki Dolphin I have a number of C/W's on my site. Under Pipes and then Churchwarden and in the section Peterson amd Big Ben. Regards Martin.
Hello I have a gold Dupont and a silver Cartier, which are both failing to retain the gas. Do you do repairs ? Many thanks for your time Patrick Yes, I can repair these. Are you in the UK? Regards Martin.
Hi, Do you sell Nat Sherman cigarettes? Nat's are not available here in the UK. The Ziganov range also includes a Vanilla and Mint as these are similar to some in the Nat range. Regards Martin.
Hello, Can you ship Three Castles tobacco (pouch or tin) to California USA? I can't get it anywhere here and it was always my favorite. Thanks very much, Dan Murdock/ Healdsburg, Ca.95448 I can ship my Three Castles to you. It is not the original blend but as close as I can reproduce. Regards Martin.
Are you able to supply the above and if so how much please Yes, just select from my site. Regards Martin.
Does tobacco get better with age? I recently started smoking a pipe again after oh 32 years. Whilst waiting for some baccy over the web - I got some Condor from a corner shop - I recon it had been there for years! It was flake and extremly dry but oh what a lovely mild sweet smoke - it smelled like old varnish but tasts great. I remember Condor being very strong my youth. Two point here. Tobacco is getting milder and there is some truth that tobacco continues to mature until it is smoked! Regards Martin.
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