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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
what can you put in a pipe & how much is a pipe? Tobacco and pipe prices on my site. Regards Martin.
do they still exist? can i get them? They do not exist ! I have a plain (oval) Turkish in the Turkish Specials! Regards Martin.
Dunhill used to make a pipe with a pear or apple type bowl with a straight shank. I don't see that particular shape on the current Dunhill pipes , but wonder if they are still available. It was formerly part of their Bruyere line. Dunhill still do a good range of shapes and I am sure I can find you this model! Regards Martin.
Hello, I have been asked to find out if a dunhill lighter can be fixed. It says Colibri on the base. Would you be able to help? If you cannot fix it, could you please recommend who might? Thanks very much, Nina I can repair both Dunhill and Colibri ! It is not possible for a Dunhill though to have Colibri on the bottom! Contact me direct and I will give you more information. Regards Martin.
do you supply any of the swisher range of cigars and if so can you give me a price list? Swisher here do Cigarillos at 6.06 and Tipped at 7.60. !!? Regards Martin.
I'm looking for a cigarette I used to buy about 25 years ago. They are Balkan Sobranie, unfiltered and sold in tins, if I remember right, of 10, maybe 20, but tins nevertheless. What can you tell me? Thanks. Long gone ! Have a Turkish Oval in the Turkish Special range? Regards Martin.
can you buy general snus in england, if so do you know where.. thanks johnny No Snus tobacco in the UK ! Have chewing and coarse nasel snuff? Regards Martin.
Dear friends last request is for some balkan sobranie cigarettes. Are they still made and if yes, where can they be bought? Thank you. I'd love to be able to do something nice for him. Judy Are you looking for the Cocktail and or Russian? Regards Martin.
Hello, As a cigarette smoker of many years,I'm considering taking up pipe smoking as I now have a lot more time on my hands. Could you recommend a range of pipes that would give a pleasing smoke whilst being simple to maintain ? Not to mention any tips for the novice pipe smoker ! My House pipes are the right price for a novice. Then choose a slow burning tobacco. Pull up an arm chair, fill the pipe half full and just enjoy!! Regards Martin.
what tobacco do u suggest for a newbie? I Have tried Condor mild & Mellow virginia? I have a sweettooth and have been told by doc to give up cigs! or else!! I have converted to pipe almost 6 weeks now, I would prefer something milder /lighter than the above! Residing in N. Ireland Many of my Loose tobacco are on the sweet side, have a look through and select a few you like the sound of ! Regards Martin.
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