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Ask Martin - Archive
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Dear Martin, I'd like to buy snuff from you..would yu please consider supplying me with 6 instead of 12 cartons of 40mms? the 12s cost 9.00, could I buy 6 from you for half the price? or even a selection of different kinds in 3s? (I've no desire to buy bulk of one variety, but would like a selection of various kinds to find my favourites) Yours, Joseph I do not hold the whole range in stock so cannot supply in less than 12's, sorry The Assorted selection is available, but this is a Mill selection ! Regards Martin.
Is it possible to buy the new ecilpse cigarettes that are produced in the US here in the UK Sorry they are nor available for sale in the UK ! Have Royals 120 and More ? Regards Martin.
do you sell Cohiba cigarettes? Sorry not available in the UK. Regards Martin.
I wonder if you can help i bought from a local tabbaconist a rustic meerschaum for my husband at christmas. It has devoleped a large hole in the bowl. what can I do about this as he is very disappointed? You should take it back to the Tobacconist ! Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, I am writing a novel and am looking for a brand of russian cigarette that may have been popular or at least in existance during the 1960's or 1970's. Thank you for taking the time to answer this question. Sincerely, David Marin Kazbek was the only real Russian style available here. Regards Martin.
I have been given a non-working Dunhill Lighter. Do you supply parts or would I have to send you the lighter. On the bottom it has Dunhill SWISS MADE Pat No. 3810750 DES,PAT 235456. Parts are not available to send out. I f you return the lighter to me, I can send on to Dunhill. Regards Martin.
Do you know where I can purchase these from? I can supply these and will contact you direct. Regards Martin.
hello sir,is it possible to buy balkan sobranie 759 or white mixture? is it in production today? thank you francesco This blends are not available in the UK. Regards Martin.
My wife has the above lighter chinese lacqure edged in gold. It requires to be serviced as it will not light. What is the normal cost for this kind of repairt Regards C Marlborough The normal service price is 75.00 Regards Martin.
Interested in buying CCs, not necessarilly the large ones ~ and possibly mild, are there any you could recommend. I have no real knowledge of cigars, cigs and pipes have always been my choice, but now smoking a pipe because of a disability is difficult, I'm looking into cigars which I've enjoyed in the past ~ usually flavoured (i.e, vanilla, which I adore)? Thanks, Rob Cuban cigars do not need or have any added flavour. They range in strenght from Upmann to Bolivar and come in many sizes. Have a look through my site and see what you find. The USA origin cigars tend to have "added" flavour and I can help you with a list of these. Regards Martin.
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