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Ask Martin - Archive
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balkan sobrani cigarettes - where do I buy them? The only version available are Cocktail and Black Russian, which are on my site. Regards Martin.
hi: under Please note: on page http://www.mcgahey.co.uk/terms.asp it says "t he customer is solely responsible for any import fees, customs duty and credit card surcharges imposed by the card issuer or his national law." aproximately how much money(in USD) would this mean if i planned to order 100$ USD worth of tobacco? thanks Kurt Normally there is none but this is out of my control! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin I am looking for hookah charcoals. I live in London. Where do you suggest I look? Can I get some through mail order? Thanks I can supply at 1.95 each roll with a minimum of 5 for an order ! Regards Martin.
You say 'it does not look good' in respect of retiurn of availability of Disque Bleu. What exactly is the problem with supply, please, and are they still available in France? With many thanks in anticipation of your kind reply. The factory in france was due to close and move the production to Spain and the French workers did not like it !! Supply in the EU is patchy! Regards Martin.
Can you still obtain Burma Cheroots ? I used to smoke Scots (not sure of spelling). Could you get them for me and send to France ? Thank you .Ray Mills I now have theJade Burma cheroots on my site. Regards Martin.
Do you have a retail outlet (shop) in the Merseyside/Manchester area? Regards, Malcolm Sorry no just here in Exeter and on the Web! Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, would you be giving away any secrets by telling me the ratios and blends in shires mix Yes! Regards Martin.
I recently tried your Three Castles blend, and I really enjoyed it. It's very, very good. Thank you! Glad it was to your taste. Regards Martin.
is the peterson pipe deluxe quality 20s pipe available in different finishes is there much difference in sizes between 20s 12.5s 3s all peterson deluxe quality. Only now available in smooth here. The 12.5s is small while the 3s and 20s are medium ! Regards Martin
Can you get Organichandrolling Tabacco possibly from America so i'm told Thanks Andy The Am Spirit shown on my site is the one! Under H/R last item. Regards Martin
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