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Ask Martin - Archive
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Do you know of any pipe smoking products that are safer to smoke than regular pipe tobacco? I know that in the Lord of the Rings films, some actors used a substance like this to be safe, but still smoke. A name or website would be wonderful. Thanks! Interesting angle ! If you think nicotine is the problem with smoking tobacco then we have herbal smoking mixtures. But I would say that with pipe and cigar smoking you are smoking tobacco in a way and with tobacco that is less processed than with other forms of smoking ! Regards Martin.
Hi i want to try to make my own vanilla flavoured rolling tobacco using vanilla extract would you have any tips. p.s. im very impressed with your peach and rumba rolling tobaccos many thanks Geoff Marshall Lay out the tobacco on a sheet and spray the extract over the tobacco, letting it soak in. You may have to dilute the extract!! Regards Martin. nb. I do supply a Vanilla in my range?
I have some pipes that have discoloured stems (?oxidisation). How can I remove this? I have tried Dunhill mouthpiece polish, which has polished them, but they are a green/brown rather than black now. Do you also know anyone that offers a pipe refurbishment service? What can I use to polish the bowl? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Regards Mark It sounds like the sulphur within the stem has come to the surface ! You can send them to me and I can buff them clear or fit new stems? Regards Martin.
so you ship to the US? who makes balkan sobrani tobacco I can ship to the US but Sobranie is now discontinued in the UK ! Gallaher were the markers and I have a list of alternatives if you require? Regards Martin.
I recently went on a cruise with the Royal Caribbean where I purchased some American cigars called Exotic - they were very sweet and small - would you have any of these or something similar I have not heard of Exotic but I now stock the sweet "Heavenly" cigars. Regards Martin.
I used to smoke Balkan Sobranie Cigarettes. Seems to me there were two styles -- an oval and the dark brown with a gold tip. I am asking about the dark brown cigarette. Everything I read seems to tell me they are no longer available anywhere. Is this true? Thanks for your help, especially if you can find where they are. If they are. Long gone ! I have the nearest which is the Turkish Special tipped shown on my site. Regards Martin.
hi martin sorry to bother you again, I was wondering if you can source any of the american style snuffs such as Bruton, if not do you know of anyone in europe who does. Also i have seen some wooden snuff boxes embossed with sharows trademark do you know where i can get these. again, thanks for your time, David No American style snuffs here and I do not know about the reat of the EU but perhaps Denmark/Sweden. I will look into the boxes! Regards Martin.
I am desperately looking for Balkan Sobranie cigarettes - either Black Russian or the multi colour with gold tips. I have a friend visiting England later this Summer - - - do you supply this cigarette? Finding these are very important to me so any suggestions would be much appreciated. I can supply these to you direct by mail in Canada! Regards Martin.
I am looking for a specialist in the Guildford area (Surrey) who can professionally repair a broken Dunhill pipe. Can you recommend anyone? No idea but you can send the pipe to me to do the work! Email me direct for further information. Regards Martin.
I have a customer of mine looking for labels or label reproductions of "Levi Garrett and Sons" Snuff botlle. any ideas where I could find something like that Sorry no idea. Regards Martin.
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