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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
I am looking to buy some Cigar Filter holders. Any idea where I can buy them in the UK. Depends on the size of the cigar, give me a ring and we will see what we can do. Regards Martin.
where can I get bharath beedis? No idea, I do A.H.R sons Bidis from India? Regards Martin.
Two wonderful straight Virginia cigarette brands seem to be no longer sold in the U.S.: Three Castles (to my taste slightly better) and Sweet Afton. Can you obtain either one in pre-rolled form (preferably) or as loose tobacco? Neither available in prerolled but can supply Sweet Afton tobacco ! Regards Martin.
some soldiers stationed in n. iraq requested diamond cigareets. do you know wher i can order some? Sorry not heard of these! Regards Martin.
do you keep a range or rolling papers and filters to complement your rolling tobbacco`s Yes, full range Regards Martin.
Greetings Martin. I can't seem to find Dunhill tobacco on your site. Do you not carry it, or are you out? Regards, Harald I have sent you the link or put Dunhill in the search box in "prepacked tobaccos". Regards Martin.
Hi Martin I am desperatly trying to buy some of these cigars but trying to locate them is proving impossible. Although I have found sites in the US that stock them they won't ship them to the UK for me. Any ideas? Thanks Kieran Sorry not available here, we have now spoken on the phone so I hope that I have pointed you to a few alternatives on my site? Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, I used to smoke Balkan Sobranie in the white tin (now, sadly, discontinued). Would you please send me the list of alternatives and pricing. Many thanks! Charles+ Have send just now, have a good look. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, I'm interested in The Aldo Moreli 9mm easy pipe. From the web photo the pipe looks to have flat sides! Please confirm this is not the case. Regards Reg Porcas I have a semi rusticated pipe that I bought last year fromm "Le Pipes" which is a grat looking pipe in my view, how ever this pipe also looks very interesting. Regards Reg Porcas The Aldo comes in a range of shapes so will sort you out a shape! Regards Martin.
hello..do you know anyone who can supply swisher sweet little cigars in the uk Yes, will contact you. Regards Martin.
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