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Ask Martin - Archive
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Hi Martin What would you recommend as the best alternative to Balkan Sobranie? Thanks Brendon I will send you my list. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, I have recently acquired a very old meerschaum pipe; it dates from 1896 according to the hallmarked silver band. It has the original amber stem and the bowl is ‘well browned’. However the fine uncarved bowl shows, what I think to be, a very small, fine though not fatal hairline crack. These would appear to be caused by failure to remove excessive carbon build up within the bowl. I would like to correct this situation; is there a way of softening the carbon before removal, or a method of carbon removal that I can use that will minimise the risk of damage to the bowl? Sounds a nice pipe. I know what you are saying but cannot think of a way of "softening" the carbon. If any other viewer has an idea I will let you know. I have carbon cutters but I would worry about the crack. Regards Martin.
Is Three Castles available at all any more? I can't seem to find it, even from international resellers... I think it has gone world wide now! The Three Castles I have on my site, although not the original, is the closest I have found! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin I am a recent convert to snuff but find it next to impossible to get in Western Australia. Can you ship to me? Whats the proceedure? Regards Neil Albany W.A. Just select from my site and I will work out a price. Regards Martin.
My father recently found some pipes in his house, some used, some unused, all of them with BERBRIAR marked on them. There are several different styles. Do you know anything about them or where I could find some information on them? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! This is not a make that I know. Regards Martin.
I recently recieved a Church Warden pipe from my Grandfather. I was hoping you could direct me in finding a history of the Church Warden (why it is named that, point of origin, etc.) I would greatly appreciate any help I have never found the answer to this question but perhaps asking it here willunearth something? Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, I've come to you through a Google search; Looking for white tin unfiltered ciggies or equivalant rolling tobacco. Thanks! Richard I offer a h/r Turkish in my loose hanrolling section! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, I'm making a new nostalgia based TV show & I would like to find the names of some cigarette brands that aren't available anymore today. Preferably ones that were available right up until the 80s! Any brands spring to mind? Many, many thanks, Aaron Players No6 and No10 were a couple of big players at the time ! Regards Martin.
Sir, Back in the late sixties I met a fine English chap who ranked Bewlay pipes along with Charatan and Dunhill. Since then I am looking for one with no luck. All the best, Hector. I would not agree with that chap! The Bewlay pipe was not made by Bewlay and it was a lower quality briar than even the Charatan. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin - keep up the good work ! Would you be able to supply me with the above plain cigarettes via mail order please ? (They are the most exquisite smoke, yet alas not stocked by many.) Please email me with your response and prices incl. postage. I live in England. Thanks ! I will contact you direct with the full picture. Regards Martin.
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