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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
Is it possible to get: Sweet Afton, Botschafter, Shepheard's Hotel or Turkish ovals in the uk? No to all ! I have Turkish Special tipped cigarettes. I have a handrolling turkish and can obtain Sweet Afton handrolling tobacco? Regards Martin.
Please can you tell me if you can repair a broken Dunhill pipe stem or can you recommend somewhere in London? I am in the Surrey area, near Guildford. I can repair either by sending the Pipe onto Dunhill or by using my repairer. Perhaps contact me by a direct email and I can give you more information. Regards Martin
do you still carry three castles. if not, do you know who does. is there anyone here in the u.s. that does. i need help with this. i love that stuff, and my supply is running out. I believe the tobacco has finished world wide ! I list a TC's on my site as a tobacco as close as I can get !! Regards Martin.
I've only the tiniest amounts of Sobranie Smoking Mixture and St. Bruno Flake remaining in my jars. I have not seen my Black Russian cigarettes in what seems to be geologic eras. As the children in my country would ask: "Wassup?" (What's up?) Best regards, Adrian. Two out of Three ! I can supply you with St Bruno and Black Russian. (please select on my site) but Balkan Sob is now gone!! Wassup! well, it is all big companies now and "small brands" are not economical for them!! Regards Martin.
sorry for the strange question but i did not quite understand the amount of cigars you get for 12:20. Last bought them from Turkey and loved them so would like to try them again.....please help, many thanks. Simon 8's now at 12.73 !! Regards Martin.
Martin: Does the smokecraft three castles come in the bulk, as in 500grms? I want to order some if it does. Tks Dean Davies YES. Regards Martin.
I am just wondering how much 50g Golden Virginia packets retail at on average in shops. The RRP is currently 9.70 Regards Martin.
My mum smokes these, and only these - but cannot source them in the UK! Do you know of any suppliers, or mail order firms, where I can order some for her? None available in the UK, hope for the reintroduction in the coming months!! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, I'm looking for cartier cigarettes. Any ideas? Thanks, Rick. Sorry you will not find them in the UK! Regards Martin.
hey i wonder if its can buy swedish snus in london thats it byee Snus is not available in the UK. We having chewing tobacco or nasal snuff? Regards Martin
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