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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
how do i order rm02 as ive searched you site and there is no link to add to basket thanks sara If in difficulty just phone. Regards Martin.
Can you source Parliment lights or can i buy them online or anywhere in London? Sorry not available. Regards Martin
Hi, I have been buying tubing tobacco oline from Germany. My recent order was cancelled. Is there any new EU regulations you might be aware of. Thank you. There are lots of changes in the pipe line. I can supply a number of tunbing tobaccos? Regards Martin.
where can I buy these fine cigarettes? I used to buy them on Charing Cross Road in the 1960's have not had them since 1990, my dad used to bring them from London to USA in the 90's, is this company still in business?? Thank You Thomas San Diego CA USA There were fine ! The parent company is but not SP themselves. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, Quick question. I have a dunhill lighter That needs a new vale it leaks from the lid. Could You repair this lighter & service it. Kind regards Keith. Yes, return to me and we will do the rest. Please phone first if you require a quote. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin. I have 2 St Dupont Cigarette Lighters that are in need of service or repair, can you service and repair these lighters and if so what do I do next. Yes I can repair these, please phone from a quote. Regards Martin.
burma cheroots,small-dark-tightly packed-heady-4"to6" long-many brand names are they still available.certainly not on the high street . Closest now are from Italy, Toscani. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, do you sell cigarette tubes and injector machines Yes, please ring for details. Regards Martin.
no longer able to buy from shops or duty free. Do you know where could purchase some from? Bert Preston Lancashire England I can supply, please give me a ring. Regards Martin.
Hi, I am looking to order 2 cartons of Consulate Menthol cigarettes and was wondering if you are able to ship to Burnie, 7320, Tasmania, Australia. If so, kindly send me information as i can call in to order or order online. Thanks in advance, Mr Ebrahim No problem, will mail you direct. Regards Martin.
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