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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
can i buy sobraine cocktail cigarettes in the uk? I have them on my site under Cigarettes! Regards Martin.
Anywhere in the uk that I can buy swisher sweet or king edward little cigars? Rod The cigarrillos are available here. Regards Martin.
I have a friend in England who can not find Copenhagen snuff. Is it available there? Copenhagen is not available in the UK. Regards Martin.
Hi, I'm looking for some oval shaped cigarettes for use in a film, which is set in the late 1920's. Firstly, is this accurate? And secondly, will the Turkish Ovals on your site do the trick? Thanks. These are now discontinued ! Use any plain cig and just flatten! Regards Martin.
Martin, Can you undertake or reccommend a repairer for these lighters, I have 2 both of which leak gas now. Thanks, Mark Yes, just send to me. Regards Martin.
Hello Martin! I wander why being so great the public demand for Black Russian, Balkan Sobranie etc. They are not brought back in production. The first cigarette I smoked was Turf. And St. Bruno pipe tobacco. Then many others. While working in the Steel trade in the 60 s ( golden years !!) with a English team I smoked Player´s w/o filters. The ones which came in sliding boxes. What a cigarette ! Are there still on the market. I enjoy your site very much. Is it a terrific source of information. Cheers, Hector. Thanks! Regards Martin.
I've recently required the above bowl (circa 1920 I think). There's no stem or mouthpiece with it. Any ideas as to where I can purchase one so I can enjoy the item properly. Cost is not a problem. Sent it in to me and I can fit one. Regards Martin.
i used to smoke either gallgers irish twist or ogdens twist or on rare occassions player's no name. Are any of these still available? Gallaher and Ogdens do not now produce a twist(and No name has finished in the UK) I have Gawith twists on my site? Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, Do you sell (and ship) sobranie pink? Thank you No, these are only avalable in the UK in the selection- Cocktail ! Regards Martin.
Can you get the black American spirit? The periques blend I think it's called. Thanks. Sorry not available in the UK. Regards Martin.
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