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Ask Martin - Archive
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Im traying to get a hold of white owl demsy tip cigars but cant find eny one how is willing to deliver them from the US you sede you had stocks of the brand but im unabil to find them can you help I stock the Invicible or miniture but the tipped is not available here ! Regards Martin.
Can you offer advice on how to repair a Vinci lighter? Sorry not a make that is available in the UK to the best of my knowledge. Regards Martin.
I want to know were I can buy White Owl miniature cigars in the U.K. I stock these and will contact you direct. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin My husband recently bought me a Dunhill Rollagas Silver Plated lighter, but I am having great diffuculty finding the lighter fuel to refill it!! I live in South Yorkshire by the way. I would be grateful for any help. Regards Susan I can send and will mail you with detail. Regards Martin.
are you able to obtain me rudolf tobacco which you had in stock some 2 years ago?I have tried the christmas tree tobacco but prefer the rudolf that you obtained previously. Sorry not this year. This time it is "The Snowmen" in 100grms. Regards Martin.
My husband has 2 Golden Virginia tins, both commemorating the 100th year of this tobacco brand, but unfortunately, they have no date. Would you know when Golden Virginia was 100 years old, please?Regards, Jackie Sorry no, but if we leave this here a whle perhaps some one else will come up with a result! Regards Martin.
Sorry, 2 questions. 1 Is it possible to purchase replacement mouthpiece for a Falcon? 2 Looking for a pipe with a small bowl (quick smoke!!), but compatible with active outdoor lifestyle( i.e. not a churchwarden)? Many thanks David Howe The Falcon standard mouthpiece should be a fixture in the metal stem so replacement are not available separately. The Olik 3/4oz is the classic small pipe or if you phone I can give you an idea of some others! Regards Martin.
I can not fill can you help a Dunhill? Are you using a Dunhill refill with the white nossle? Regards Martin.
do you do lighter repairs via the post. valerie Yes, send by secure post and I can do the rest. Regards Martin.
Hi Pipes were the last thing I thought I'd meet online!! I shall certainly look here next time I need new pipe rather than take the 300 mile trip I am used to! Do you stock replacement stems for Dr Plumb Twinbore ..... If so could I buy on line? It's all available on line now !! I would need to get a stem made for you. Please send the pipe back to me. Regards Martin.
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