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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
how much to you charge for post and packing, for say a carton (200) cigarettes In the UK 4.85 by Special delivery. Regards Martin.
I am an American who is looking for Condor Ready Rubbed. My friend went to Irleand two years ago and brought back a couple of pouches which we use as roll your own. It has a wonderful flavor and I would like to inquire on purchasing some. I am an Air Force officer who is deployed overseas right now and I am wondering if you can ship it to me ? Pleased to. Regards Martin.
I used to smoke Sullivan Powell Turkish and (by preference) Benson Hedges (blue box) Turkish. I suddenly fancy a smoke. Any advice? The closest is our Tor Turkish. Regards Martin.
It's not listed on the website - do you not stock it any longer? Yes, can get for you. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, l am in Australia, and l have only just heard about Nasal Snuff, from 2 German tourists, l would like to try this product to give up smoking, do you have any sample tins that l could buy to try some different types? Is there a type of snuff that is good for beginners? Please advise on postage costs also. Romana Mann Raymore Station c/- Post Office Quilpie 4480 Queensland Australia. Under Assorted on my site is a good selection. Regards Martin.
Have you heard of a pipemaker named GROSS? No! Regards Martin.
Hello Martin-- Question #4 below askes if you have Balkan Sobranie cigarettes and you say, "Yes." I was under the impression that Sobranie no longer makes these cigarettes and could not find them on your website. Can you please clarify? Thank you. Rio Sorry I have Sobranie not Balkan Sobranie ! Regards Martin.
Martin, Do you still sell Revor Sliced pipe tobacco please? Cheers Yes, I will let youknow direct. Regards Martin.
My dad left me a monkey or ape looking pipe very cool rembering him smoking the smoke out the ears the eys of it are wierd very glassy and black in the middle has a top hat you put the tobacco in this is very coolIhave no idea what I have but would like some imput at this point if U have ANY Interesting!? Regards Martin.
A former smoker - cigarettes and pipes, I wish to try the , peculiar habit of , snuff inhalation and would welcome your advice. Best John Campbell I would try an Assortment of snuff first to give you the idea of the variuos flavours. Regards Martin.
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