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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
Martin Can you help me locate a supplier in the Uk for Esoterica Tobacciana pipe tobacco Thank Alan Lyme Regis No one in the UK! Regards Martin.
Hello Martin, i recently bought a new pip off ebay, however when it arrived it sustained an unfortunate injury within minutes of it coming out of the box. Do you know of any good pipe repairers that can help me??? Me, send it here and I will repair ! Regards Martin.
If I send you a Dunhill lighter from Cyprus for repair will it be a problem to repair it and return it by International Registered Post. Many thanks Malcolm Can repair, normal cost 85 plus return postage! Send to me (empty of gas) and I will repair and return. Also need payment card details! Regards Martin
can you get the rubber washers for the tar gard as they dont last that long Yes, phone me on Monday. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin - Do you stock / is it possible to get in the UK the full Swisher Sweets range (particularly Little cigars, Blunts and Kings) as I can only find the cigarillos? - Thanks Mark I can only get the Sweets and tipped. Regards Martin.
Hello, what happened to Turkish cigarettes? Benson and Hedges used to make some that came in a light blue box but seem to have vanished...what would be the closest non-filtered alternative? Thanks! Brand clearence and tar levels to high for EU directives! Regards Martin.
Do you sell cigar pipes (that is, pipes to put a cigar in)? Seems they are impossible to get nowadays. Not heard of these! Regards Martin.
Hi, do you have the pipe tobacco Germaine Brown Flake, Regards Tommy Not available in the UK. Regards Martin.
Do you supply Swedish snus ? I'd quite like to try them , but it would be a bit expensive to buy a roll of 10 boxes outright from the manufacturer Not available in the UK. Regards Martin.
I am a smoker but i have all ways wanted to know what is snuff i have come across it on this site but it not letting me know what snuff is many thanks shaun Snuff is tobacco that has been broken down on a grinding wheel. Regards Martin.
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