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Ask Martin - Archive
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In the 1980's my husband and I were friends with some people who worked in a fireworks factory and were avid snuff takers (since they could not smoke at work!). There was one I particularly liked. It came in a bottle, was white and menthol or peppermint scented. I have been trying to find this snuff for the last couple of years. I do not know who manufactured it. Please, please can you help? and also if you know of this snuff, is it tobacco based? Thank you There is at least one. Snuffy white which is not tobacco free Snuff. Regards Martin.
I've been smoking the damn things for nearly forty years - no longer available in west london - where can I buy them ? Have the Disque Blue but still hoping for the Gitanes
i would like to purchase a small quanity of lots of diff snuff flavors to try. wilson's do not seem to carry a variety pack anymore. I do a assorted Wilsons on my site! Regards Martin.
I am dying to get my hands on any Sweet Afton merchendise, as it's the name of my band. :-) Or possibly refer me to somewhere I could find some of the like. -wes Sorry non here! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, I have a dunhill petrol lighter with a faulty lid (wont stay closed) would you be able to repair it do you think? chris. Should be able to via Dunhill themselves! Send to me and I will get a quote. Regards Martin.
hi martin got my tobacco thanks. is it possable to get me some organic american spirit please We only get the "additive-free" here rather than an organic! Regards Martin.
do you have any diffrent "flavour" snuffs such as cherry or vanilla because im not a big fan of the "natural" tobacco snuff and im a bit bored of medicated snuff and i was wondering if i could purchse seperate tins?? because im a light user of snuff altough i have benn using it for an extended period (these seperate tins will be brought with more prducts totalling at around 15-20 pouns) If you look through the Wilsons of Sharrow range you will see all the flavours. Regards Martin.
Hello Martin: I hope you can help. Recently I purchased an old Meerschaum (clay?) pipe with the following markings: On one side the letters S.S. appear, and the word Meidling on the other. I can probably send a photo as an attachment, if you wish. I'm thinking S.S. are the maker's initals, while Meidling is a neighborhood in Vienna. I would really appreciate any help you, or your readers, may wish to offer. Thank you. Jim I cannot help here! Regards Martin.
I have been smoking a pipe tobacco from Dunhill call A15300 which is a custom mixture. Dunhill now tells me they can no longer make this blend. - Do you have something simalar to this blend? - If I sent you a sample could you make something simalar? Thanks, -Val I will need to know more about this blend? Regards Martin.
I would like to buy some Turkish cigarettes such that used to be sold by Fribourg & Treyer. Please advise. So would I ! Regards Martin.
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