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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
Hi - can you get the above cigarette-like cigars in 20's in the same size packets as cigarettes? I found them in SA and USA but not here! The Swisher's are available here only in 5's. regards Martin.
dear martin is there anyway of filling a lighter with the screw in inlet Sorry no! Regards Martin.
Martin, would you be able to give me some guidance. Not being up on cigars I'd like to find something reasonably priced-<Ģ10, for a friend who smokes all sorts of 6"-8" (20MM dia coronas?). Presumably, I'd be looking at 'hand rolled'? The first good hand made are the Honduras and represent great value. A size though in Havanas are the Upmann Grand Corona. Have a look at them on my site and then contact me direct. Regards Martin.
have just aquired dunhill rollagas lighter when you fill with gas it comes out of small screw on bottom is this fixable it was from another member of the family ?? Yes, need it sent back to me? Regards Martin.
In Germany, some of the Fribourg & Treyer pipe tobacco mixtures are still available, manufactured by Planta in Berlin, licensee since the 1980's. In October 2004, they had to change the brand name from Fribourg & Treyer to "Petersen & Sorensen", as Imperial Tobacco, via John Player & Sons's, still holds the rights for the brand (appearing, meaninglessly, on the packs of their Fusion cigarettes). Is it still possible to buy the F&T/Planta Mixtures when I'm in England, and under what brand name? Thank you. Jens Intersting picture ! A few Planta blends here: Prebyterian (closest to the F&T range),Holgar,Royal Flake,Black Vanilla and Elysee Mixture. Some of these I show on my site other I can order for you. Regards Martin.
Hi, I am looking to purchase afew packs of turkish ovals for a friend of mine. Do you have nay for sale - if not - can you direct me to somewhere that might be able to help me??? NoOval available now! Regards Martin.
Organic Snuff. Where can I purchase ? What brands carry the product? No Snuffs are made under the Organic banner. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, itīs me, Horst from Gersthofen, Germany asking you for: James Robertson Justice-Snuff. I think, itīs from Fribourg. You got it? If YES, what is the price? Regards. Horst I have this blend and we contact you with details. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, Do you no longer stock Gitanes cigarettes? Have they been withdrawn?? I hope not! Still awaiting their reintroduction! Regards Martin.
I'm looking for a good, strong unfiltered cigarette with a robust taste. Most of the good brands I keep hearing about (Balkan Sobranie, Turkish Ovals) are long gone, is there anything currently for sale that fits that category that? The most robust is the Capstan full but this is a pale echo of former times! Regards Martin.
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