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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
I am looking after a organic pipetobacco. It is very difficult to find a place. Have you a organic pipetobacco? When not, where can I get it? Regards, Stephan Forka The straightist is Only Tobacco from Macbaren. Regards Martin
Do you have Balkan Sobranie or any idea where I can obtain it. Are you looking for the Tobacco or Cigarettes? Regards Martin.
What's happened to this brand? Local supplies (SE Essex) have dried up! Can still get the green packet (standard menthol The MMM is gone but I do have the Green! Regards Martin.
After my mom died of cancer 3 years ago, my husband (he's 39 now) quit using snuff (he had used tobacco for 20 years). He believes it is all the chemicals used on the tobacco that is bad for you. He is having a really hard time lately and wants to start again, but he would like to use something organic or chemical free. Is there any such thing? And where can you buy it? I have seen on the internet organic tobacco---can he use that as snuff? Thank-you very much. Snuff is fairly pure unlike Cigarette tobacco. Regards Martin.
Hi, I am writting to find out, that if I order hooka from you, can you provide detail what are the acessories it will be coming with. The pipe comes with two bowls,two brushes and spoon! Regards Martin.
Great Site - when might you have the above ? Meanwhile, do the DBs you sell have filters ? Thanks Thanks, Yes. Regards Martin.
Martin, Do you stock Don Sebastian Cigars from the Dom. Republic at all? No sorry. Regards Martin.
Martin, Why are some pipe bowls lined with clay? To give a cooler smoke. Regards Martin.
Do you sell swisher sweets blunts? if so the price The only Blunt here is from Phillies. Regards Martin.
Martin, I am writing to ask if you could give me some definitions of pipe words. Could you tell me the meaning of a: Meerschum Briar Cavendish Tobacco Many Thanks Some: Meerschaum=Sea Foam Briar= sharp root Cavendish is a long fermented tobacco or there abouts! Regards Martin.
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