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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
I was hoping to hear from you with regard to my question about filterless Gauloises. Do you know why they are not available in the UK and if they are going to be available again? Thank you, Eva We will not see them again here! To small a brand for the companies to import! Regards Martin.
I too am looking for three castles tobacco. Can you tell me where I can buy some please? The original is discontinued! I have one by the same name which is the closest I can find!# Regards Martin.
Martin If Meerschuam is calcite and a (form of clay) then are we right in saying that it is truly a formation of sea creatures? Allan Non great on the Geo scene but yes! Regards Martin.
do you sell to tobacconists in the USA? I do sell to the US, just select on my site. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, do you know if fusion cigarettes are still available? I haven't had them for a long time but thought they were a nice cigarette.If they are do you know where?Thanks Not come accross this make! Regards Martin.
Hello Martin I hereby want to ask you or you sell the pipe tobacco from the brand named Mick Macquaid. If yes please let me know and let me also know. Best regards Huub.T. Hendrikx Yes, in a few versions. Regards Martin.
Martin I thought I once read that meerschum was created from some sort of sea creatures hundreds of thousands of years ago. Now I'm reading that its just a clay. Whats up? Allan The name Meershaum can be translated as "sea foam" ! It is a calcite as is Clay, so it would be true that it is a form of Clay. Regards Martin.
Hi I need to buy a snuff mull and I'm hoping its not the curly horn thing that's going to cost me an arm and a leg!! can you help? Cheers Lynne I have a few mulls and will give you ore details direct. Regards Martin.
I am very distressed to find Three Castles no longer being made, not just unavailable in the USA where I live. Can you recommend a tobacco available here that is comparable (although never to be duplicated, unfortunately)? I see you have a blend but with shipping I fear the cost would be prohibitive. Perhaps you have a distributer here? Louise Russell, Washington State USA I will be happy to quote for sending from here as I do not have an US distribter. Regards Martin.
Can you tell me if there is anyway I can get "Winchester Little Cigars" that are made in America, and if so, the cost oer carton. Many thanks Not available here. Regards Martin.
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