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Ask Martin - Archive
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Hi Martin, my girlfriends father comes from germany, and there he used to smoke camel filterless cigs, I think that the pack is a pack of 19 even. Can you get these? Im pretty sure that we will be regular buyers if the right ones are available. Regards Luke These are not available in the UK. Regards Martin.
I have recently started making my own cigarettes by using tubes. I can't seem to find the right tobacco for this and wondered if you could recomend one to me? When I was smoking cigarettes I went for a light one... silk cut or marlboro light. I have been using Drum gold, but have found that it is a little coarse, in as much as if I try to pack the tube reasonably tight it gets stuck half way down the tube, and if i put less in, it is too loose. A friend told me that this was to do with the cut, I am not sure of this. I would be very grateful if you could help with some advice on a few tobaccos I could try. Thank you for your help in this matter Regards Jacqui I have a number of loose tubing tobaccos but they are not listed on my site. Moor tubing which is Marlboro like and Jeeves which is B&h like. There are a few prepacked as well. Regards Martin.
Can you supply me with St Bruno tobacco on Vancouver Island ? If so, whatis the deliverytime - and at whatcost ? Do you have a supplier closer to me ? I will be pleased to supply. Regards Martin.
Tried to send this once before but browser returned an error message. Apologies if you receive this question twice. I'm looking for Dunhill Mild pipe tobacco that was, until recently, sold in Australia in a white tin with a blue logo in the centre. Do you know whether it's the same as the International Mild blend advertised on your web site? I have this tobacco "International Mild" in stock. Please contact me if you are still looking. Regards Martin.
I would be interested to know what the charges for postage and packing would be on say an order of 500 grams of pipe tobacco? Thanks, Robert Thanks, Robert Depends on which country! If you select the tobacco I can easily do the working out on the quote. Regards Martin.
i need to insure my gold dunhill lighter but unsure of how to get it valued,it's circa 1960 and has an i.d. no. us.re24163.any help will be appreciated C Sorry valuation not my thing. Regards Martin.
When I was in Albania, we made cigarettes from Yenidje and Latakia leaves. Do you know where I could get hold of a similar product for hand-rolling? Love to be able to get these Matt but cannot! I do have a Turkish h/r tobacco though? Regards Martin.
I have a gold-coloured Dunhill gas lighter (flint). The return spring on the lid is broken. Can you fix it? If so can you estimate how much it will cost. Many thanks. Frank Johnson I will contact you with an estimate. Regards Martin.
Do you supply nicotine free mint and double apple flavoured molassed tobacco from Egypt? I think the one I bought there is nakhla..... Ann I will contact you with my selection. Regards Martin.
hello, probably been asked before but do you sell Swedish Snuss such as General? I've tried to order from Scandinavian websites but due to EU regulations can't send it to UK! If not, anywhere else in UK you know of which sells it? Thanks! Fred Sorry these are not available in the UK. Have chewinf tobacco or Oliver twist bits!? rEGARDS mARTIN.
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