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Ask Martin - Archive
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your tin tobacco prices say "includes 17.5% vat". does that get taken off the purchase price for shipments to the usa? thanks The Vat is taken on in the quote after selection. Please remember that the price on the tinned tobaccos is only a quide and the true price of an individual tobacco is corrected in the quote!! I removed Vat on any shipment that goes outside the EU. Regards Martin.
ignition coil fails to work-suggestions? You need to get the lighter get back to Colibri. Regards Martin.
I used to smoke Sullivan Powell Turkish Special, Balkan Sobranie and Khedive Moyen....What do you recommend as a replacement? I notice some of your answers refer to a list of alternatives (including RYO) - could you send me the list? I am willing to try anything! Great brands! My list is small Tor Turkish cigarettes or in Loose my Turkish RYO. Regards Martin.
Hello Martin, my father gave me his gold Dunhill lighter (dated about 1975). Where can I get a Dunhill Butane refill? I live near Woking, Surrey. Many thanks. I can supply the gas! I will contact you direct. Regards Martin.
Are there yet tobacconists who custom roll special blends for one customer or another? No, but its a good idea ! Not sure what sort of machine it would need? Regards Martin.
hi. could you tell me if you guys could ship an order to the usa? Yes, no problem Regards Martin.
I am looking to purchase consulate menthols and have them shipped to the US would that be possible? How much? The US have a restriction on Cigarettes. Regards Martin.
Martin, Can you advise where I can get, or if I can still get Spillanes Garry Owen plug pipe tobacco, Les I still have some. Regards Martin.
Are Churchman's cigarettes still manufactured? No! Regards Martin.
Dear Martin. I plan to buy a range of handrolling tobaccos from your site, but am not sure about storage. Once a pouch has been opened, what is the best way to store tobacco to keep it as fresh/moist as possible? Thanks. Two ideas! Place a moist disc in the bag, I have these for sale. And/or pleace all the pouches in a seal down plastic bag. Regards Martin.
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