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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
can one still buy cherrywood pipes if so at what cost thanks a m eccles Yes I have them in stock. Regards Martin.
Hi can you tell me if you have the following unfiltered cigarettes available? Gauloises, Gitanes or Luck Strike ? Not too sure what is left on the market these days ! Many thanks - Andrew Neither, I am afraid. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, what loose tobacco do you supply that is similar to St Bruno? Love the site Alistair My Virginia Flake perhaps ! Regards Martin.
Martin, Are you able to ship Balkan Sobraine black cigarettes to the US? If so, I should like to order some. Also, perchance can you obatain any Gauloise non-filter cigarettes for shipping to US? Thanks. Marc No, there is a customs restriction. Regards Martin.
how many can i buy at the one time ?can i pay via paypal? The minimum order is 10 worth but sorry no Paypal, mainly Credit Cards! Regards Martin.
Is it correct that some of the Dunhill pipe tobacco are not longer available? Kind regards Sorry the is Yes ! The remaining are 965,Royal Yatch,Early Morning,flake and Rolls! Regards Martin.
Hello Martin, Is it still possible to purchase St. Julian tobacco (not sure if the spelling is correct)? No! But have some alternatives? Regards Martin.
Have found these cigars in germany but have not found an outlet in the UK can you help please. Regards The Diamonds are available through me! Regards Martin.
Dear Martin. What an amazing site. Do you have a minimum order requirement? If so what is it? Regards Bridgette Thanks. Two packets of these min! Regards Martin.
Martin, I'm wondering, what are good brands of Turkish-made cigarettes that I can get these days? I'm not talking about Western brands that use just some Turkish tobacco, I'm looking for actual Turkish-made cigarettes, and I'm having a very hard time finding these. It's okay even if you don't stock them, but could you recommend to me some brands? Thanks! Arthur The only ones are the Westerns ! Regards Martin.
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