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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
hello, was wanderring if you could get hold of the aforementioned cigars, thanks Not this version, have the other three!? Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, I've seen you have the erinmore plug tobacco in your shop. I'm from Germany and there you can't buy it. Is it possible to ship it to me? What does it cost? Sorry but my English-writing is not the best... greetings from Bavaria. Pleased to ship to you! How many do you want? Regards Martin.
i am a canadian coal miner. Snuff is hard to find here. Is it possible to order from you guys? Or is it illegal? I'm 31. No problem, select and I will quote. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin Do you have thse cigars? Yes. Regards Martin.
hi martin, do you have zippo pipe lighters? Yes, will let you knoe the styles. Regards Martin.
Martin, I like to use snuff. I enjoy the Poschel brands, especially Red Bull because it is strong. In your opinion, what is the finest strongest snuff available? Finest is too difficult ! As we are all different! Regards Martin.
I am now a dedicated 9mm filter pipe smoker . But i miss smoking my old filterless briars . Could they possibly be converted to take a 6 or 9mm filter. Should be possible if there is enough wood in the shank! Send to me and I will see. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin - I am a regular Mellow Virginia smoker. I am looking for something with a similar taste but that isn't quite so hot on the tounge. Any suggestions? Many thanks, Simon Justice, Edinburgh I am liking the Orlik Golden slices at the moment! Regards Martin.
Am having a party and have some friends who smoke, although I don't. Would like to buy some colourful/party type but mild cigarettes. I remember seeing some once, they were pink, glittery and all different colours. Is this what you supply? Thanks These are the one! Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, Why can't you send the TOR cigarettes I inquired about to the United States? Any other method you know of for a person in the states to obtain some? I'm Desperate! -Matt There is a US customs restriction of the import of Cigarettes for some reason! Contact me again by dirrect e.mail and we will see what we can do. Regards Martin.
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