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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
Dear Martin, I'm sure that you could hardly be more tired of the line of enquiry I plan to take up in this communication. Sorry about that. My question is whether you have any ideas about how a person could go about creating a cigarette tobacco blend which would be as close as possible to the old Balkan Sobranie. I am willing to go to great lengths in this regard. I don't care if I have to go snatch the leaves by hand and smuggle them out of any number of different countries, cure them myself, and cut them with kitchen scissors! There just HAS to be a way to recreate that flavour. Thanks very much for whatever ideas you might have -- unless you recommend hypnosis sessions or twelve-step programs! John (Gainesville, Florida) The closest I can suggest is by using a hand rolling cut Turkish tobacco! I hope for some fresh supplies of this later this month. Regards Martin.
Hi there, Any idea where I can purchase the above? No. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin I do not see it on your list, but can you supply Peterson's Luxury Blend. Regards Arthur Yes but a minimum would be 5 tins? Regards Martin.
I'm wanting to know if you are aware of any stockists of Vogue cigarettes in the UK? I have thought about mail ordering them but I find it hard to trust mail order for something such as this! Not Vogue but Karelia? Regards Martin.
Hello Martin...wonder if you can tell me what is the nearest pipe tobacco to the old Balkan Sobranie, which is now discontinued please? Also I have seen references to 'Our Best Blend' by J. F. Germain & Son, but doesn't seem to be available in UK. Any info on this one too please? Many thanks! Tim H. Perhaps the best are Balkan mix from Gawith or Upshall Latakia or even Sam Gawith Squandron leader. Question 2: Germains only allow a few of their blends here, shame but that is how it is!! Regards Martin.
Dear Sir, Have you still got bent Peterson Meershaum system ? Thanks, Nicolas They are no more! Have a few Barlings? Regards Martin.
hi Martin cant find nelson tobacco anywhere can you help thank you john Not available in the UK. Regards Martin.
Do you carry Three Castlles in 92 g size tins? do you ship to Washington State ? How much in US dollars for the Three Castles/ Thank you Diane Kasparek The cans of TC's are not available. I do ship to most countries in the world! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin I am looking for a gift box called Dunhill 5 Choice Blends. It consists of 5x50g tins of My Mixture 965, Standard Mixture Medium, The Royal Yacht, Early Morning Pipe & Nightcap. I see from your web that you sell all these individually have you heard of this gift box? Indeed, do you stock it? Thankyou Kirsty The set is no longer available. Have some of the items on their own!. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin Do you stock any form of Davidoff Pipe Tobacco? I have heard of English and Irish mixture and they come in red or green tins? If not could I have some advice on where to get some. Many thanks I just stock there Red (mild) but can get the others for you. They are extensive at 11.50 a 5grm tin! Email direct if you want to order. Regards Martin.
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