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Ask Martin - Archive
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I have a Peterson's "ARAN" pipe of which I broke the stem. It is a quarter bent smooth bowl pipe. Can you supply a stem for this pipe? Dennis If you send the pipe to me I can repair the old stem!? Regards Martin.
do you stock peterson donegal rocky with anything other than fishtail mouthpieces? thanks No but other Peterson are available with the p/lip instead! Regards Martin.
Is Bewlay still in operation and could you lead me to any information about them? Not in operation. They were a group of retail shops own in the end by Imperial tobacco. Regards Martin.
hi martin, was wondering whether you had an idea what cigarettes Johnny Depp smokes? They're almost black on the outside not too big and look cool! I heard someone mention they might be 'clove/s' but i haven't a clue; as you probably know with the shops and most places we're just exposed to popularist commericial crap. Cheers for any help, grateful -nic w We do a clove black paper cig called Djarum! Regards Martin.
Would you please help me find where can buy some Bond Street Pipe Tobacco? Thank you Lucinda O'Meara T'was an American tobacco but is not available now in the UK! Regards Martin..
is it true that the pouch three nuns made in Denmark simply has perique flavour sprayed on it? And your Buckland Curlies is more like the 'real thing'. chris The Buckland has pure perique in the mix. Is true that the Nuns has only an essence now but I do think it is still made in the UK. regards martin.
Hallo Martin, the flint mechanism of my rollagas is broken. (A piece of metal is missing) Would you be able to repair it? How much? thank you. Marco Can do a full service at 95.00? Regards Martin.
Martin, I'm fairly new to pipe smoking and over the last 2 months I've been trying out a number of different tobaccos: Dunhill EMP, Peterson University Flake, Peterson Sherlock Holmes and a number of aromatics. The Peterson Sherlock Holmes best suits my taste (and smells)... could you recommend any similar tobaccos? Many thanks, Andy Try the Royal Jersey range from Germains! Regards Martin.
please send some jade cheroots. em me with cost etc vernon Yes, The no2's are 15.50 for 5!? Regards Martin.
snuff shops in london england Smith's in Charring Cross Road! Regards Martin.
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