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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
what is a tube of snuff? is it not loose like it used to bo years ago? No, a metal can. I still sell Loose snuff though! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, I've heard that the senior pipe reamer is too large to fit in a lot of smaller pipes. Do you know if it's possible to use in a Dr Plumb Dinky? (Mine are 9mm filters but I guess the bowl is the same as a non filtered pipe?) Yes, I agree not made for the smaller pipes. Stick to a blunt pipe knife. Regards Martin.
Hi there Martin I'm new to the world of snuff but I'd like to give it a go. Can you tell me what product I ought to buy from you, given that I'm a novice? Russell Cookson The Assorted selection will be the place to start. Regards Martin.
can you supplie chewing tobacco,as this may be the answer to no smoking on plains,thanks Martin John Molloy Wrexham Yes, you will find Chewing tobaccos in my Loose selection. Regards Martin.
Hi Marin,can You tell me anything about the Londoner pipes ? The pipes in my possession are marked LONDONER - LONDON ENGAND:The shape is 422T and 489S. Best regards Fulvio (Italy) It was a Barling sub brand. Discontinued here about 10 years ago. Regards Martin.
Are there any soft pack cigarettes Marlboro and American Spirit are the main two! Regards Martin.
Good day, I have been a keen snuff taker since my early teens and founder member of the little known fanzine 'Snuffbox merry-go-round' (you may have heard). In recent years I have found the snuff industry to be decreasing and the youth of today have found other ways to entertain themselves. Would you in your vast and varied knowledge give a forecast or indication on the next big thing in the smoking world, so as I may pass on the batton on to the next generation of would be smokers, of course you will be mentioned in the next issue of the snuffbox. many Thanks Tom What's next! Tobacco in all its forms still have a long way to go. Snuff infact has a new chance with the Smoking bill and also Cigars will have a bit of a lift!! Keep up your good work with the fanzine. Regards Martin.
Do you repair Dunhill lighters? If you do can you give an idea of service costs? Thanks Phil About 95 for a service. Please phone for further detail. Regards Martin.
Do you stock any of the American nasal snuffs?, such as Tube Rose/Rooster/WE Garrett? Thanks in advance. Sorry not available here. Regards Martin.
hello martin,im looking for a condor type tobacco in plug or flake form,would coniston plug aromatic do the job or what would you suggest regards terry Yes or the Murray's plugs. Regards Martin.
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