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Ask Martin - Archive
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I would be very grateful if you would let me know where in london or in fact in the UK i could buy Sweedish snus - i have learned that i can not stop smoking and this product does not smell at least Many thanks Kate No legal in the UK. Regards Martin.
hi can you send me some information anbout Sobranie Cocktail how dos it taste look like and things like that thanks.... It is a virginia blend in different coloured papers. Regards Martin.
I recently bought two boxes of 25 Caribe Jamaican cigars for around ten pounds. I've never heard of them before, could you tell me anything about them? and were they worth the money? Many many thanks. Sorry do not know the name. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, Are there plans in the works to resurrect the famous Balkan Sobraine unfiltered cigarette ? If not, is there a similar cigarette? I quit smoking but would return for just one more Sobraine! Thank You Kind Sir, Chris from Long Beach Sorry no news of the resurrection! Regards Martin.
I use to smoke Golden Virginia in the UK but moved to Florida, They say they don't sell themn here due to import tax to high. Could you tell me how much you charge shipping for the 50g pouches. Also do you sell anything smaller such as the 25g? Have replied with a quote. I sell the 25grm pack but there is a minimum send! Regards Martin.
do you stock menthol filter tips? not the slim ones please. how much would p&p be? would it be cheaper to buy a boxful? i live in sussex. regards sharon I can supply Sharrow Skinny,Steamlined,Standard and K/s in menthol? Regards Martin.
How many grammes/ounces of snuff are in the 40mm, 50mm and 64mm diameter tins of snuff produced by Wilsons of Sharrow? Sorry no idea! For some reason there is no weight on the tins!! Regards Martin.
I am a man of moderate means, and I would like to start smoking cigars of reasonable quality on a regular, if limited basis. What do I need to get started? Presumably a storage container and a cutter. In the past, I have smoked Hoyos, Upmann, Punch and Romeo y Julietta, but only bought singly in restaurants or offered by friends. I enjoyed the Hoyos the best. I did buy Don Ramos, and enjoyed them, but they were pooh-poohed by some of my acquaintances. In a nutshell, I need advice on a reasonable cigar, something of medium strength that will take an hour or so to enjoy; and advice on the equipment that I need to have to go with the cigars. I am not rich, so I would be looking to smoke perhaps 2 quality cigars per week. King Edwards are no good for me - they seem to burn too quickly, so I'm looking for something a bit better. I'll be smoking them at home, so "snob value" is not of interest or importance. Quality with economy might be the buzzword. My main smoke is a pipe (generally Petersons, that I purchased from you). In depth question! Working up, I would suggest our Honduras cigars also at this price is Charatan from Nic then you perhaps more to Davidoff before the Havanas. But as you will know it is only down to taste at the end of the day. Regards Martin.
I have an antique meerschaum which I dropped the other day and the stem broke. Is there any chance of getting it replaced. I'll be in England from August 16. Could follow up then. Thanks Mac Yes but I will need the pipe for 3-4 weeks!? Phone or email me direct. Regards Martin.
found a pack of turkish specials from my grandfather from the 1940s. I smoked one, and it was the best. Where could I purchase some more? NO MORE!! Regards Martin.
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