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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
There was a pipe tobacco in the late 70's called irish mead ,do you know if it is still being made or if there is any blend of is kind available today?? Not known to me! Regards Martin.
Do you refurbish/repair dunhill pipes, including dunhill stems? Yes. Will contact you direct. Regards Martin.
are unfiltered Payers Navy Cut Medium cigarettes still avialable - thank you in advance Martin Yes, Regards Martin.
Hi, Do you stock Zippo lighter fuel (petrol) or any alternatives, if so please quote price. Thanks Andy Yes. Regards Martin.
recently inherited a samll line 1 St Dupont lighter gold plated. Filled with dupongaz and only had the very smalles flame. didn't see an adjustment anywhere so I took my jewelers pliers and rotated the nozzle a bit and was able to get a great flame. problem now is I hear it running even after closing, any ideas? I can fix just about anything if I know how it works. Any drawings or part lists anywhere? Also how can I track down the vintage via the serial number? Thank you Good on you but! Regards Martin.
Hi, what happened to Picadilly cigarettes, Are they still available in the uk ? Yes, Tipped and No1! Regards Martin.
where can I get dunhill rollagas lighter repaired. Gas leak. Residing in Sussex. Thanks You would need to send it to me. Regards Martin.
I am a lady hand rolled cigarette smoker and I am looking for the very mildest hand rolling tobacco. Do you have any suggestions please? Many Thanks Comfort In my loose range the Three Castles or Kendal Gold or in Handrolling Cutters Mild! Regards Martin.
this pipe Turkish Meerschaum Turkish Heads Grade L is 9mm filters No. Regards Martin.
Hi there Martin! I am trying to locate a Liquorice Flavoured Snuff. Do you know aught of this?? Thanks Bob Not as far as I know. Regards Martin.
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