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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
please could you tell me where i could get hold of sullivan powell private stock cigars? Not in the UK, is my best answer. Regards Martin.
Hello, are Chunghwa's tobacco or herbal ?, and what sort of flavor and strength do they have, thanks. Also, I recently was offered sever packs of Senior service from the 60's, and told they were still smokeable, they were unopened, would this be OK ?, thanks again. The Chunghwa are tobacco. They could be smokeable as long as they have not dried out! Regards Martin.
I need some Sobrani Cocktail ciggies ! Like the ones you were able to send to the chap in Canada. How about it ? Roz. No problem, select on my site and I will send. Regards Martin.
I have recently bought a pipe without a mouthpiece. It is very old and is not from a particular brand. I need to find a long curved mouthpiece that will fit into the 0.25 inch diameter hole. Do you know which brand mouthpiece is the measurment or where i could get ahold of such a mouthpiece. Thanks, Tom I can have one made. Need the pipe send here. Regards Martin.
I have not found any sweeter handrolling Tobacoo than the original Three Cafltles sold in 92 , teal color tins, made in England. Do you have any in stock? I bought it for years in Washington State, then they stop importing. It was US Distributors James B. Russell. Thanks I do a replacement under the same name on my site! Regards Martin.
Hello there Martin! I just wanted to know if the 6.65 listed by the Djarum Black cigarettes are per pack or per carton of 10. I'm thinking it's per pack but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks! Yes, per pack. Regards Martin.
Hi you seem about my only hope. I am looking for a brymay safety match box to fit a 'table' the box is 1" thick by 2" wide. Quite thick and probably had a 'pull' at one end. As 2nd best I'd settle for any match box with those dimensions Hopefully you can supply or put me in touch with someone, before I explode. Many thanks Sm0key Cannot save you! No matches of these sizes. Regards Martin.
Hi, do you stock 'cherry menthol' hand rolling tobacco, and if you do, can you give me a price for 100g delivered in the uk thankyou Paul Yes, will contact you direct. Regards Martin.
dear sir...could you please tell me what snuff is..? is it a mixture of ground tobacco that makes you sneeze..? mark warner That is about it! Regards Martin.
Hello. Can you provide please replacement for burst Meerschaum bowl in standard early 80s Calabash? Thanks. Yes. Regards Martin.
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