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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
I have two unopened tins of tobacco,reputedly from the 1930s, any suggestions ?. Any offers?? Regards Martin.
do you sell night cap Dunhill pipe tobacco? Best regards Helder C. No discontinued! Contact me direct for a good alternative. Regards Martin.
Dear Mr. McGahey, Do you have troost slices and condor in stock?If so, what price,and what price for shipping to US zipcode 28089? Can you suggest a similar pipe tobacco to troost slices? Many thanks for your reply ....Regards...Tom Troost in the Sliced is not available in the UK but I have the Comdor range? Regards Martin.
Do you stock swisher sweet little cigars menthol and if so can you ship to Northern Ireland? Thanks Ed These are not available in the UK. Regards Martin.
please,please, stockists of The Balkan Sobranie Smoking Mixture in London. Are there ANY????? There are non ! Sorry! Regards Martin.
Hello. Do you know who used to make St Julian? My father smoked this brand for many years and says it was discontinued some years ago. Thanks, nick It was made by Imperial tobacco and was,as your father said, discontinued! I do have some suggestions for alternatives if you would like to email me direct. Regards Martin.
about 25 years ago I remember buying from Friberg and Treyer a type of cheroot called Alabama Mahaba Do these still exist anywhere Cant seem to find them on the net and im wondering if I have the wrong name Any ideas ? thank you This was a great sweet cigar from manila! Gone now as has the famous F&T shop. Regards Martin.
Martin Can you recommend a pipe tobacco that smokes very sweet (the sweeter the better, loose or pre-packed) - I'll add some to my next order if it's not one that I've already tried Thanks Mike Many of my "Selected blends" on my Loose section are sweet. Regards Martin.
hi, i to am trying to locate some white owl cigars, wine dipped, rum flavour cigars. can you hel please. many thanks I stock the two sizes that are in the UK. Invinsible and Miniture. Regards Martin.
oH! my duty free carton is empty and i'm finding it hard to track them down.. can you help? No available in the UK! Regards Martin.
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