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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
Dear Martin, can you still get charatan pipe tobacco ? Gone! Regards Martin.
do you sell captain black gold tobacco Gone here,only in the US. Regards Martin.
Hello Martin, Do you stock Gin and tonic snuff? Many thanks Francis No!! Regards Martin.
Hello Martin, A friend has just given me a Dupont lighter that belonged to someone in her family. Can and I order the little gas cannisters for it by post. I know there are different types Colors of the cannister denotes the differences I think. When you unscrew the screw covering the inlet for the gas the internal screw threads are a reddish tint. can you tell by that which gas refill I should buy and if I buy them can they be sent within the UK by post or do you only sell them over the counter..My question is because I would assume they are pressurized gas of some sort and might be considered a hazard in the post. Am I correct please advise thank you Patrick Crockett Dear Patrick, I can supply Dupont Red refill at 2.25, this is a single shot. The minimum for postage would be 4 of these plus postage of .90p and signedfor of .90p. Perhaps phoning would be the best way to arrange the order? Regards Martin.
can i get hold of any silk cut ultra-slim Yes, I sell these. Regards Martin.
I have acquired an old bent Astley with handcut vulcanite mouthpiece bitten through underside. Can it be repaired, if not can you replicate the original? Kind regards ...Bob Dear Robert, Perhaps replication is the best root. We can fit a new stem to the same pattern but it will not have a makers stamp on it? The average price is 15.95. Perhaps phone for more details. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin. I already bought some tobacco from your shop some years ago. Could you please provide me with Mc Conell's Pure Syrian Latakia, something like 5 50g tin boxes please ? Thank you, see you ... Bruno Edelist I can do a 250grm tin of a Cyprus Latakia? Regards Martin.
sorry wrong email- where can i buy watermelon cigars in England Not in the UK for sure. Do not know the world markets myself so not further info. Regards Martin.
Sir, Is Dr Rumney's menthol eucalyptis snuff still availible ? Best Regards, Jeff Not in the UK. There is a version in Europe by Swedish Match. Here I can supply a Wilson's sub? Regards Martin.
Hi McGahey, Do you know if the 'Craftsman Extra' pipes are still produced ? with deep black sandblast ? or other of the older UK brands like Londener, Hardcastle etc. Thanks Erik Dear Erik, All these brands are gone now! Have a Charatan Grosvenor in black sandblast or the Peterson Donegal ?? Regards Martin.
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