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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
is it possible to get this? No but have orther plugs! Regards Martin.
Hello,I have a collection of some 300 plus tobacco related labels all new and never used which I bought back in 1980 and wondered if you could offer any advice as to how to offer them for sale,they are housed in an album in clear sleeves.Regards Dennis Gardiner Bristol Any body interested please let me know? Regards Martin.
hi, i've been trying to find some Warhorse pipe tobacco for my father just he's been saying that he can't get it anywhere and i thought i could get him some for his 70th Sorry gone now. Regards Martin.
Hello! What is an estate pipe and how does it vary from other pipes. Gratefl for any help offered. Regards Gwen Estate pipes are preused! Regards Martin.
Do you sell Sobranie and can I get - say 60 black and 60 coloured? Chris Yes and on my site. Regards Martin.
I live in the usa and have been looking for amphora red. I have found it in england, germany . How much is this blend in american money and is legal to ship here. This is my grandfathers favorite tobacco ever. I would like to get this for him b/c he doesnt have many years left and i would love to bring him back to easier and younger time. If you have any suggestions in which i might be able to come across this supreme tobacco please write back soon.Thank byou martin. Timothy Not in the UK try Holland. Regards Martin.
hi martin trying to buy amsterdamer rolling tobacco in uk any idea ? No available in the UK. Regards Martin.
hello, im looking to bye strawbery flavored cigars, my friend said he went to the states about 10 years ago and had them there, its coming up to his 35th birthday and i thought it would be a nice reminder, i look forward to hearing from you kind regard Rebecca A few flavours but not Strawberry! Regards Martin.
Hello, do you sell or know of anything similar to the long gone state express roundels pipe tobacco? Many thanks Carolo The old roundals now are by Dunhill or Macbaren! Regards Martin.
Is it still possible to buy "Passing Clouds" cigarettes ? Thanks. I wish!! Regards Martin.
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