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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
Please can you tell me what is the strong,s cigarette on the market is here in the uk please. Tim Jennings Capstan full. But this is only 10mgrs! Regards Martin.
do you supply oliver twist Tropical? I want 10 boxes Sorry no. Regards Martin.
Hi You have some tobacco of Rattrays brand advertised thus eg Marlin Flake (100 grm). What does that mean? The size is 50g. Thanks The Marlin I supply is in a 100grm tin. Regards Martin.
Hi, I am new to pipes and wondered which of these would be the best 'beginner's' pipe? If there is such a thing? 1. Sasieni - walnut 2. Dr Plumb - standard 3. Big Ben - flamingo (9mm 808) 4. Amphora - delphi (310) Thank you. All these sound good. Regards Martin.
Hi, a friend of mine smokes virginia tobacco in hand rolled cigarettes. his wife is an eco-warrior (!) and wants him to quit altogether. as a compromise he's looking for a supply of organic tobacco to roll...there seems to be a lot of mention of "organic tobacco" on the web via the search engines but i can't seem to find anyone who actually supplies the stuff. can you help? Thanks, Andy. No organic here just additive free! Regards Martin.
Are 'Death' cigarettes in the black box still available anywhere? Not sure. I never actually sold them! Regards Martin.
Do you supply Captain Black, manufactured by Lane Ltd ? Many Thanks Mike Sorry not available these days in the UK. Regards Martin.
I'm hoping that you might help me locate a Tobacco that I have purchased through Lane Enterprises for almost 20 years. They have just gone out of business and I am looking for, 1890 Tucker Georgia - Golden Virginia Cigarette Cut. Thank you, David Beck I have none but if I hear of any I will let you know! Regards Martin.
About how much for a replacement pipe stem? Unbranded stem is 15.95 plus return postage. Regards Martin.
Can you ship Balkan Sobranie to me in the US? Thanks Terry Sorry the brand is discontinued! Can suggest alternatives? Regards Martin.
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