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Ask Martin - Archive
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I saw your tobacco index listed on the "Pipe and Pouch" website. I was looking for "Old Grandad" pipe tobacco and saw it in your list as being distributed by Forrestal Limited. Where and how can I buy some? I haven't seen it for years locally and would like to know if it is still made and how I can get some. Thanks, Ethan Dickey Sorry, none around now! Regards Martin.
Hello Martin. I bought a lovely antique pipe on the internet. It has a small screw thread bug no mouthpiece. Can they be found nowadays? Kind regards. Sean Not sure what this pipe is? Regards Martin.
I used to smoke these very thin cigars, I think from the Phillipines or Burma, have not been able to get them for years, any chance they may be around again ? So did I ! No longer available. Regards Martin.
Hello, I am looking for traditional "tins" of cigarette rolling tabacco. I see you have many types of "pouch" tabacco but not any tins? I am in the USA and heading back to Iraq and the small tins tend to hold up better. Thanks, Jonathan The only tinned H/R Cutters choice now! Regards Martin.
sorry if you go mail before without returne address. smoke golden viginia,and have just stsrted smoking a pipe, find pipe tobacco harsh,can i smoke rolling tobacco in the pipe ,and what would you suggest.or shoul i get a pipe witha filter.now have falcon pipe. thanks GV will burn to fast in a pipe!! What tobaccos have you tried? Best without a filter if you can. Regards Martin.
i am a drum smoker and have smoked it for many years. once i saw a application form for saving the empty packs which you could send away for prizes through the company that makes drum tpbaco. do you know anything about this and can you help me get the form or a web page. thanks james This is news to me! Regards Martin.
Is there anywhere in the uk which will repair a dunhill rollagas lighter? I can get the Dunhill Repaired! Regards Martin.
Do you happen to know whereabouts i could purchase West Cigarettes (Preferrably Lights) from in the UK, preferrably near Nottingham, or online anywhere without buying in massive ammounts of bulk? Not available in the UK. Regards Martin,
sir,i am trying to find a charatan pipe small bent bulldog i think it was a perfection shape #2109 thanks The Perfection is a grade. I will contact you direct. Regards Martin.
Unless I am mistaken your catalogue shows Kendal twist in 50g packs but the ones I received where 25g packs. Have I misinterpreted? To be true they are sold by packet not weight! We sell the medium and large packets at a set price. Regards Martin.
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