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Ask Martin - Archive
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How does the Tor Turkish compare to the Balkan Sobraine Oval...is there an Oval on the market? Thanks, Ian. The only alternative! No Ovals now! Regards Martin.
I have looked all over for S.G. Blackxxx rope. Your site was mentioned as selling it in Pipes.org. Do you still? What's the cost in US$. Many Thanks steve Can get! Will email you direct with prices! Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, do you stock Helix Cigars from Honduras? Many Thanks Helix are available in one size..42 140's? Regards Martin.
what's the best rolling tobacco in your opinion, ive tried all the usual brands, old holborn seems to suit me although golden virginia is the best seller. id like to try some specialist rolling tobaccos. can you advise me what to look for. Have a look at my Loose rollers. Regards Martin.
Can I get a 9mm churchwarden pipe stem Yes, I would need the pipe returned to me! Regards Martin.
I recently 'discovered' Iwan Reis 3 Star Blue pipe tobacco, from the States. Really like it. Do you stock it, or know of its availabilty here? Can't find it in your listings, but then I don't know where to look. Sorry not available here. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, I have inherited a"gold" dupont lighter bearing the serial no 9 T E K 4 6 the lighter is two colours,both gold and with panels of a wood-grained polychromatic (?) finish. Is it possible to tell from the information that I have supplied you as to how old the lighter is and whether the case is plated or solid gold? Thank you Not really but the vast majority are plate! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, is there any chance i can purchase copenhagen straight cut (smokeless tobacco) in the UK, as its only availible in the united states to my knowlegde. many thanks john No. Have the only available Chewing tobaccos on my site! Regards Martin.
Do you sell, and would you supply the details of, "cats eye" cigar cutters. Thank you. Sorry not come accross these. Regards Martin.
Hi, Can you get a missing trigger replaced on a Dunhill Tinder Pistol, c. 1950? Many thanks, Terry Sorry no. Regards Martin.
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