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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
Hi Martin, I am looking to buy some Ernte 23 ciggies, German brand? Do you stock them, can you get them. Many thanks, Paul No available in the UK. Regards Martin.
Hello, Are Sobranie Cocktail similar in rich,sweet taste to Sizanov? Sorry do not know Sizanov! Regards Martin.
Are you familiar with a make of pipe called Amiente (or something like that)? Secondly, where can I send a Colibri lighter for repair under warranty? Thanks Do not know Amienta. I can repair Colibris. Regards Martin.
Hey Martin do you sell cigarettes online that I would find in my local newsagent such as Marlboro, Richmond, Lambert & Butler etc. Many thanks Sam Yes. Regards Martin.
i recently went to the US and i enjoyed smoking a brand called BLACK AND MILd.if you could tell me where i can buy these in the UK it would be verymuch appreciated thanks.lloyd No available in the UK . Regards Martin.
I bought cherry and chocolate flavoured cigarettes in the US that appears to be from Belgium called Sweet Dreams. I have tried Djarum, but it does not taste as good. Is it possible to get Sweet Dreams? If not, are there any cigarettes that are similar that you have available? Thanks. I have Vanilla flavoured Ziganov? Regards Martin.
I have a Dunhill Rollagas lighter that leaks. Can you fix it? And how much would it cost? Sincerely, Henry Stanton. Yes, will mail you will prices. Regards Martin.
Barling use to import a meeerschaum in white and another in red. Wide bit, silver collar. beautiful. They are no longer available in America. Can you get your hands on one to sell. Barlings all gone but have a few London Meers's Regards Martin.
Hi l purchased thesein croatia, any ideas where l can find in the UK, many thanks Sharon Sorry not available in the UK. Regards Martin.
HI MRTIN DO YOU REPAIR DUNHILL LIGHTERS MY ONE HAS A LEAK ON THE FLAME NOZZELL Yes, normal price 95. Please phone for more details. Regards Martin.
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