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Ask Martin - Archive
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Are these most excellent of the Camel range available in the UK, please ? No! Regards Martin.
Wondering if there is any market for four boxes, each containing 10 unopened tins, of Abdullah cigarettes? They could be as much as 40 years old. Thanks If I get interest I will let you know! Regards Martin.
I am considering using moist snuff under my upper lip as an alternative to Swedish snus. ( This is because Swedish snus is not officially available in the UK due to UK and EU regulations. ) Can you recommend any brands of snuff that may be suitable for this? A few years ago I remember Samuel Gawith's London snuff as being dark, moist, and a bit sticky - rather like the consistency of Swedish snus - so perhaps that would be worth trying if available? Have you seen our Oliver in my Chewing section? Have other ideas as well! Regards Martin.
Could you possibly recommend and supply a close alternative to Skandinavik Mixture? Can't believe it is unavailable in the UK! Thank you in advance, Danny How about Alsbo Black or Macbarens Black Ambrosia! Regards Martin.
Do you stock Vogue or Karelia please? I stock both under Specialist cigarettes on my site! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, in addition to your specialist cigarettes, do you stock cigarettes I would find in my local newsagent. Kind regards, Sam O yes. Regards Martin.
Hi I am currently trying to sort out my late fatherís estate. I have with me in Poole, Dorset a number of Davidoff cigars as detailed below which were my fatherís and I would like to know if you feel that they would be worth putting up for auction or selling. All the cigars are genuine product and come from Cuba rather than Dominican Republic and two of the boxes are opened and 2 of them are unopened with the paper wrapper around the box: 1 x Davidoff Chateau Latour (Cuban) 25 box opened but contents complete. 1 x Davidoff Ambassadrice (Cuban) 50 box opened with 47 remaining. 2 x Davidoff No 2 (Cuban) 25 box unopened and with paper wrapper intact. Please feel free to contact me either by return email to this address, if you are interested in them and would like to know more. Also I have some 1800 John Player perfectos finos (50's tins) cigarettes all are in unopened tins and packed in 200 boxes. Would you know of anyone who might be interested in them? Many thanks for your time. Kind regards Ian Huelin No for me but there may be an offer from a reader? Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, I am an Spaniard lover of English tobacco snuff from 30 years ago. The thing is I would like to have your advice about your PLAIN UNSCENTED SNUFFS. You can see I like the traditional snuffs.Thanks in advance. Pedro Macias Yes, the SP's are the plain ones and appear in most ranges. Regards Martin.
Hi i just want to know is the above pre packed tobacco suitable for rolling into a cigarette. Many Thanks No, this is a pipe tobacco. Regards Martin.
Can you supply Balkan Sobranie #759 and at what price for 200 grams?If not can you tell me where I can get it? Thanks, Norris Eisenbrey Discontinued now! Regards Martin.
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