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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
Hi, Martin i have a dunhill rollergas lighter, when you refill it it leaks from the top & turns into a flame thrower!!! is it worth repairing or do i buy a new one. Many thanks, Chris I can do either? Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, i have a large collection of dunhill lighters and have always serviced them myself. my problem is i do not know anywhere to get spare parts. hope you can help cheers Trev. Sorry no spare are available to the trade! Regards Martin.
Hello Martin. I have a couple of questions. I was glad when I saw in one of your replies that you sell Woodbines. I thought they didn't make them anymore. I don't see them on the site, how do I order them? Do you have the filtered ones? Many thanks. AB. They are on my site but only available in the untipped version now. Regards Martin.
Martin, You mentioned below that you can supply Sweet Afton tobacco, please could you contact me with a price for a box/multiple packs. I need to stock up on this excellent smoke! Many Thanks Perhaps a long way below!! Gone now. Regards Martin.
can u supply petersons of dublin connoisseurs choice Yes, I will email you direct. Regards Martin.
Hi Do you know anywhere I can purchase the KE Little filtered cigars in the UK. I used to get them whilst serving in Germany and have no contacts now. Regards Bob Not available in the UK! Have the range including Diamonds and Coronets! Regards Martin.
I can't get Cartier cigarettes - internationals or the slim ones - anymore. Can you supply me in london ? Sorry discontinued now! Have Davidoff? Regards Martin.
Do you stock these please? If so, what is the price for 200? If not - do you have any similar slimline brands? Thanks, Claire Yes. I will email you. Regards Martin.
Can you purchase this brand of cigarette any where in the uk or europe Sorry no. Regards Martin.
Hello Is there such a thing as white powdered snuff? For some reason I remember buying white snuff at a tobacco store Thanks Brad Dear Sir, There are two white snuffs on the market! Regards Martin.
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