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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
What is similar to Cartier cigarettes given that they are not available in UK? In luxury blends - Davidoff Regards Martin.
can you please suggest a mixture which comes close to the old Dunhill 965 Blends are some unique. I do various Latakia blends, please email me direct if you would like a list? Regards Martin.
I see that you can repair Dunhill lighters, could you let me have a price list please. Many thanks, Martin I will email you direct. Regards Martin,
Hello Martin. Can you supply Peterson mouthpieces for standard bent pipes and do you need to see the pipe? Thanks Malcolm If it is a Peterson System pipe I would just need the pipe number otherwise I would need the pipe! Regards Martin.
I realize from another question that Garrick cigarettes aren't available, what kind of cigarettes would you recommend that has a similar taste than that of Garrick but is available? To lond ago! Cigarettes have changed (tobaccos and strenght)and so have our tastes!! Regards Martin.
hi. i was looking on your site for cigarette holders. the bauble ones... do they come in a pack of... however many there are or am i just buying the one? thanks becky I have them on my site! They are priced in singles. Regards Martin.
Good morning Devon, ~ Wales calling. I have a Ronson lighter that fires, no leaks that I'm aware of yet it doesn't light.. Can you help me pretty pretty please? Dear Angela, Hello Wales-Devon here. I should be able to repair this for you! Please email me direct for a quote? Regards Martin.
where can i find dr rumney snuff? thank you In main land Europe. The true Rumneys from Illingworth was discontinued many years ago. I can suggest a true alternative in a nother label? Regards Martin.
where in Alnwick Northumberland can i find Sharrow Streamline tips and papers No idea! I can send by post? Regards Martin.
I find that the air hole of new pipes start to burn through and widen causing the beginning of a small split in the bowl. This is happening on high grades so I think the fault is on my end. Please advise. If you are talking about the base of the bowl, one answer is to placing a Philtpad in the bottom of the bowl! Regards Martin.
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