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Ask Martin - Archive
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Dear Sir Can you provide a new stem for my grandfarthers Meershaum pipe this was given to me ,if so what is the cost. Words in side the casesay (RealMeerschaum BlockAmber Made in Vienna) Should be able to fit stem. I will email you for some further information. Regards Martin.
i have recently purchased a pair of unused pipes hallmarked 1927! the stems are very tight ! i have tried to part them but after one turn they sound as if they may break!! any advice? thanks dave No real trick! I can remove in factory condition and repair if necessary! Regards Martin.
please can you supply tubs of mccrystals snuff please martin naylor Dear Martin, Can supply small metal tins but not Lb drums! Regards Martin
please email price of above. please advise shipping cost to the United States (Ohio). Love your web site!! Thank you my friend Rich Dear Rich, Would need to buy in a 500grm (about 1 lb) roll for you! Shall I quote for this? Regards Martin.
Good afternoon, I was recently in England but not able to get to Exeter. I want to purchase a drum of Gawith Hogarth Snuff for a friend of mine and have already sent a quote request in for the 250g drum. Is there a 500g drum available and if so, would you please provide me with a quote for shipping one to Toronto, Canada please. Thank you. With regards, Anne Dear Anne, Yes there is a 500grm drum for which I am happy to send a quote. Regards Martin.
do you stock these if so how much ? Chris Judd 01780 783568 Yes, I will e.mail you direct. Regards Martin.
hello. I am confused when buying bulk tobacco to roll with a machine and tubes. There are brands (such as Canadian or Players) that come in regular, 65% more or 100% more, but are the same weight. Please let me know what the difference between these are so that I know which is the most cost effective. Thank you. These brands (Canadian or Players)are not known to me in a tubing version in the UK! Regards Martin.
Concept tube filling machine requires cigarette tobacco, not 'hand rolling' tobacco. Can you make a suggestion please? I have Concept tubing tobacco as well as other tobaccos that can be used for tubing!
Martin, Being a previous satisfied customer (sobranie black russians and coctails) we turn to you for hope! Do you know of any all white 120mm cigarettes that we could buy now More's have stopped selling the milds. US brands seem to be impossible to import? J&K Dear J&k, Sad state! There is no white 120mm now! 100mm in Marlboro? Regards Martin.
Is Old Holborn being phased out? NO! Regards Martin. nb:I have it on my site!
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