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Ask Martin - Archive
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Question Reply
Greetings from the US. Is there a 2007 Comoy's Christmas pipe? Do you offer it? Not in the UK but they did make some for the German market. It is possible that later some may come back here! Regards Martin.
Hello Martin, I live in the U.S. and I am very interested in purchasing some G. Smiths snuff. I saw on the message board there is an order limit. I was wondering what that limit is and what you charge for your international shipping to the U.S. Thank You, I have a minimum order which is small and the postal charge depends on the final weight. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin Anychance you can help? I'm looking for a zippo engraved with skull and cross bones. Are you able to obtain one and how much would it be? Thanks! There is a "Piercing eye Pirate and crossed swords! Regards Martin.
hey i'm trying to get some skoal chewing tobacco, it's popular in the usa, but i haven't been able tofind it here. can you help? thanks a lot, Austin. Only Oliver twist here and Chewing tobaccos as shown on my site. Regards Martin.
I need to find someone to repair a Dunhill S lighter? Sorry the S is not repairable! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin My mother still smokes woodies but her local Sainsbury in London has now stopped supplying them. Do you sell them as I can't see them on your site? Thanks. Richard Yes. I will email you direct. Regards Martin.
Sorry, I forgot E-mail Address. I can't find French cigs at all in Swindon. Can you help. Disque Bleu or Gauloise pref. Cheers David I have Gitanes if you still require? Regards Martin.
I need some Dunhill Rollagas lighters servicing.Do you know anyone who can do them please? John I can service this for you. Please phone. Regards Martin.
martin a while back my friend dave from here in the usa ,got a sleeve of snuff ,, this is martin his friend ,and would like to get 2 tins of hedges snuff ,,can you tell me how much it would take total to get it tosaint joseph ,mo. please advise ,,i'lll take just one if you will sell it . thanx marty Happy to send to you but there is a minimum order! Regards Martin.
Hi, I live in Belgium et look for a typic english fine blended pipe tobacco (coffee-caramel) house's blended (by you directely et not by a factory). Can you help me? Thanks a lot. Marc from Belgium A typical English blend does not have aromatic flavours! But I will email you direct with some thoughts. Regards Martin.
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