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Ask Martin - Archive
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Do you have any cigarettes at all like the old Simon Arzts Cigarettes I used to smaoke from Port Said? Very aromatic tobacco - the smoking equivalent of fine earl grey tea Under my specialist cigarette section I have two types from Tor imports: Turkish and Oriental. These are the only similar these days.
Hi Martin, Do you know any tobacconist in the UK that sells Parliament Lights? Not available in the UK. Regards Martin.
Hello, Can you please advise me of any information that you may have on the Dunhill My Mixture 650 (created in 1938 as a low nicotine pipe tobacco). I recently acquired two compressed packages (and original receipt of purchase)from 1952. Is it still available? They are currently on display at our Antique Pipe & Tobacciana Museum and we get questions about this blend. Thank you. Frank P. Burla Perhaps just sold in the their London Shop. Regards Martin.
Moved from Amber Leaf to Drum - looking for something darker/ stronger either loose or packed. Any suggestions? Thanks Have Darker tobaccos in our loose handrolling range or under Hand rolling itself. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, do you stock Captain Black (white) pipe tobacco, if so is this available for on line purchase. Thanks. Sorry no longer available in the UK. Regards Martin.
Where can I get velvan plug sliced? Is there a similar tobacco in sliced form? Thanks Martin. Barney O'Gorman. The slices style now limited the closest being Mick McQuaid square cut. Regards Martin.
Do you stock chocolate flavour cigarettes Sorry none in the UK. Regards Martin.
martin i have two facon pipes one straight and one bent they could both do with new mouthpieces.they are the alloy lined type not the visible alloy type i wonder if you could help.thanks Pete. Can only sell the stem and mouth piece in one bit ! Regards Martin.
please confirm price Currently 12.56 Regards Martin.
Martin, I have just "inherited" a Dunhill shell 1954 sand blasted straight billiard with silver trim around the bowl. The mouth piece needs replacing due to tooth damage. Do you offer restoration and at what sort of cost? Thanks Yes we can help with your Dunhill pipe. ? Regards Martin.
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