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Ask Martin - Archive
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can you tell me anything about the bewlay company founded in london 1780? I have in my possession my grandads cigarette case with a box and on the box is HOUSE OF BEWLAY LONDON. thanx Alyson Bewlay were the retail arm of Imperial tobacco the large manufacturer. Regards Martin.
I am trying to establish where (if at all) I can purchase Manikin mild cigars. Any info on their availablility would be gratefullt received, as for personal reasons these particular cigars are dear to my heart. Thanks for any help you can offer. These were discontinued many years ago. End of an era. Regards Martin.
Can you advise of a good starting tobaco for the new occasional pipe smoker My loose Brandy and Virginia. Regards Martin.
Im looking for totaly natural tobacco (like american spirit) with as little nicotine and tar as possible. What would you recomend? We do not have a natural handrolling tobacco on the UK market. AM Spirit promise their version by April this year. We have an additive free tobacco from Macbaren but it is for pipe smoking. These tobacco though will not be low in Nic/tar as chemicals are usually used to bleach out these byproducts!! Regards Martin.
i'm having problems locating replacement mouth peices for my peterson meerschaum pipes the problem is the spigot for the meerschaums is approx 15mm long while for the briars it is 10/11mm long the diameter is the same for both can you help i would need a total of 5 stems I would need my pipe repair man to have the pipe and for him to fit the stems! Regards Martin.
You mention the supply of a clay churchwarden on your question page. Could you supply to Surrey? What length and size of bowl? Price? I can supply anywhere. Lenght is about 12" and bowl small to medium! Regards Martin.
Hello, Do you know where I can purchase dunhill October 89 mixture. It is not for sale in the States. redd This sounds like one of the blends from their shop in London. And therefore only available there. Regards Martin.
I am trying to find White Owl Cigars, do you stock them or do you know where i can purchase them. cheers Tony I have stock of this brand. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin I have been given 50gms of 'Coniston' which is too strong for me and burns my palette. Can you suggest something to make it mellower and kinder to my mouth? your sincerely, Stephen Gee My Virginia flake is far more mellow! Regards Martin.
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