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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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i have read that st bruno contains perique tobacco and is deemed a va/p blend i thought i could taste perique in most blends but with the heaviness of st bruno i can't detect any , is it me ? I have never considered St B to contain Perique, but does any one else have a view to share with SG? Regards Martin.
Can you get Vanilla flavoured as well as the Rum flavoured ones. Also do you stock Meharis ... I can get Vanilla flavoured Alt's and I do stock the Meharis range. Regards Martin.
Martin... Do you happen to stock this? An internet search showed your site but I can't find it on the site... If so do you ship to Beverly Hills, CA, Zip 90212? Thanks so much! Charles This blend has been discontinued but I will send you a list of my alternatives. Regards Martin.
Could you tell me which of you're loose pipe tobaccos I could try. I l like something sweet, mild, maybe Liquirish (I dont think I've spelt that right!) honey things like that. I like arromatics(or that!) as well, I dont like anything too strong. Most of my select headed "Selected blends" would fit this bill. Also under American blends I have a Likrish blend.
Often on Bavarian pipes there are two bits of decoration that look like miniature brushes, hanging from the thread work between bowl and mouthpiece. Do they have any use at all? Sorry no, I think a journey to the Black forrest is in order! Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, I fell in love with Peterson's Classic Shape Chart 440 and would like to know whether pipes are available in this shape and how they are priced. I suppose they all host 9mm filters? Yours Thomas Sonar The 440 is no longer available in the UK. Regards Martin.
Please advise if you are able to repair/overhaul my dunhill lighter. The filling nozzle tube at the base of the lighter has sheared off and the unit was leaking gas beforehand. Thanks John Foot Yes I can repair Dunhills. Regards Martin.
I would love to buy Sobranie cocktails. Can you please tell me how much it would be for the price+s&h in us dollars? About 10 dollar a packet of 20. I do quote before taking payment on the site. Regards Martin.
Is this tobacco still available ? Yes, I can supply at 7.32 a 50grm pouch. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, I'm looking for a pipe as long as the churchwardens you have, but with a much more pronounced curve to the stem, almost an 'S' shape if that makes sense... Do you have anything suitable? Thanks and Regards Andrew Allan Yes, have a few Churchwardens on my site that will fit the bill. Regards Martin.
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