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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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I've been trying to source particular models from the Big Ben Range of pipes, particularly the Evening model 014, the 9mm filter pipe with the clear acrylic mouthpiece. However, our local specialists are no use at all and Merton and Falcon have never replied to my emails. Can you help? Douglas. Pleased to,the pipe is a BB Evening I will send you a mail with all the detail. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin,Do you carry "Murrays original smoking mixture"? Yes I do and will send you a quote. Regards Martin.
Could you send me details/prices of your clay pipes. I am interested in bying a long churchwarden type CLAY pipe. Last year I was in Swaziland and bought a fantastic long clay, but unfortunatly broke on way home. Also is Royal Hunt tobacco still available? I have a boxed C/W at 9.95.Royal Hunt is now gone but a good alternative is Rattray's Charles Mixture. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin. I would be interested in purchasing some cherry flavoured pipe tobacco. What would you recommend? Also, I am resident in Greece and would like to know whether any postal delivery of tobacco from the UK to an EU country is subject to cutoms and excise duies. Thank you and best regards. A.N. IMRE I have Cherry tobacco in my loose range and wellas a few throughout the Prepacked. I send to Greece in small quantities as the C&E duties apply if picked up! Regards Martin.
Do you know where I can get a 1970's Dunhill Lighter repaired? Dunhill no longer carry the spare parts! I can still repair most Dunhills . If you are in the UK please give me a ring. Regards Martin.
Could you point me in the right direction to find a peach tabaco that I want? It was from turkey and was smoked through a bong which had a very smooth flavour. The tabacco was very sticky. S.Jones We are a small range of Shiska tobacco here,. These are molasses based and you can find them on my site under Prepacked tobaccos and High Life Regards Martin. nb:but not in Peach!
Who manufactures the Buckland Curlies? I blend all my tobaccos !! Regards Martin.
I wish to purchase balkan sobranie yenidje, unfiltered cirgarettes for a dear friend but can not locate them anywhere. Are they still availble. If not, is the loose tobacco available? Thank you for any help you can provide. Judy Mills (USA, NY) These are a brand of the past !! I have a loose Turkish tobacco and a Turkisk Oval cigarette if you are looking for an alterntive? Regards Martin.
Can't find the Buckland Curlies. Can you direct me? I've looked at the pipe tobacco, both loose and pre-packed and also done several searches. They are in my Loose range under Pressed tobaccos. Regards Martin.
Are Four Square tobaccos still available (red in particular)? The whole range has gone now ! I can offer subs for: Green: Our Loose Widecombe mixture Yellow: Four Squires from Gawith. Regards Martin.
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