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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Are you able to supply the above and if so how much please Yes, just select from my site. Regards Martin.
Does tobacco get better with age? I recently started smoking a pipe again after oh 32 years. Whilst waiting for some baccy over the web - I got some Condor from a corner shop - I recon it had been there for years! It was flake and extremly dry but oh what a lovely mild sweet smoke - it smelled like old varnish but tasts great. I remember Condor being very strong my youth. Two point here. Tobacco is getting milder and there is some truth that tobacco continues to mature until it is smoked! Regards Martin.
Apologies if you've answered this before, I checked the first 120 answers. Can you recommend a good assorted pack of snuff for somebody who is new to it? I'd like to try a few to see what I'd like. I show one Assorted selection in Wilson's of Sharrow that is good. Regards Martin.
Where can I get a dunhill lighter serviced? Mine's leeking fuel. Any idea on Cost? Thank. No part are around for the 70, sorry. Regards Martin.
where on the net can i buy american spirit cigarettes with a switch card? With me! Regards Martin.
I now smoke a pipe and wonder if it is possible to have either my dupont or dunhill lighter or both altered so that the flame is angled. Thank you for your time Kind Regards I can sort thisout with you and will talk to you direct. Regards Martin.
where can i buy balkan sobranie cigarettes If you are looking for the Cocktail and Black Russian they are on my site! Regards Martin.
Do you remember Fribourg+Treyer pipes, in London? I love them, but never see tham anymore.... What happened? The shop closed down. They did not make there own pipes though and same value items are on the market! Regards Martin.
I am looking for a source of Senior Service Cigarettes that I can purchase from the United States. I would also be interested in some of the promotional and associated materials, such as ashtrays and the like. Can you help? I will be happy to supply you, but I do not have any associated materials. Regards Martin.
do you sell a long cigarette holder to go with sobranie black cigarette? My wife is going to a fancy dress murder mystery night as a 1920s "it girl" thanks Jon Adams Yes, you will find them on my site under Cigarette accessories. Regards Martin.
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