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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Dear MArtin Two questions 1) Do you sell 6mm charcoal filters as Dunhill, Parker and Smokecraft do them? 2) Do you have any pieces of cork for pipe ashtrays. Mine's been lost Best wishes Richard Yes to both. Pleased to supply if you contact me again. Regards Martin.
Hi Do you know of a tobacco called sharrow mixed blend. Wilsons and co est 1736. is it available? what are its characteristics? No, Sharrow are famous for Snuff rather than tobacco mixtures ! Regards Martin.
Hi, I want to buy a briar pipe making kit. I've tried Danpipe by email - twice! but never recieved a response. Do you know of any UK suppliers. Kind regards Mike Briar very trickey to carve have a Meerschaum kit. Regards Martin.
Can I still purchase the original Balkan Sobranie cigarettes? Discontinued many years ago ! Have the closest which is the Turkish specials on my site? Regards Martin.
do you know any one who stocks chocolate or cocoa flavored cigarettes Have mint or Vanilla version of Ziganov but no Chocolate ! Regards Martin.
i am looking for to buy turkish cigs called Tekel 2000 but not the superkings just the ordinary kingsize ones.can i get them from u.i believe they come in 2 sizes and the size are in mm.its the smaller one i am looking for Not available in the UK. Regards Martin.
For decades I smoked Four Square Blue. Since this blend was withdrawn from the market several years ago, I have been unable to identify a closely-matched substitute. Can you tell me the approximate constituents of FSB and/or recommend a substitute? Thankyou. Martin Spring This was one of the tobaccos without a real sub. So I cannot help, perhaps you need to move on !! Regards Martin.
What is the most potent nasal snuff (highest nicotine) that you carry? Old Paris from F&T. Regards Martin.
Sorry to waste time with such a trivial question, but how discreet is the packaging if I order something from you?thanks Only the minimum. Regards Martin.
I was unfortunate to have had my handbag stolen yesterday, one of the things that I lost was my much loved solid gold Dupont lighter that I have had for the past twenty years. Although I still have the box that it came in there is no reference to the model number on any of the paperwork that is in the case. I was unable to locate the model on your website. The nearest I could find in shape is the Solid Gold Gatsby (SKU 18941), but the finish was in much finer lines. I was hoping that you could help me with an approx. valuation for insurance purposes. I would be very grateful for any assistance that you could give me in this matter. Annabel Lee I will contact you direct. Regards Martin.
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