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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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is the peterson pipe deluxe quality 20s pipe available in different finishes is there much difference in sizes between 20s 12.5s 3s all peterson deluxe quality. Only now available in smooth here. The 12.5s is small while the 3s and 20s are medium ! Regards Martin
Can you get Organichandrolling Tabacco possibly from America so i'm told Thanks Andy The Am Spirit shown on my site is the one! Under H/R last item. Regards Martin
will you stock these at all? I stock the Vanilla and can get the cherry Regards Martin.
Hi, do you stock clove cigarettes by the above maker? Thanks Mary The only clove here is Djarum. Regards Martin.
Would you please be kind enough to inform me when either Gitanes Filter or Disque Bleu are once again available in the UK. Will do, but it does not look good! Regards Martin
Do you have a Freibourg & Treyer snuff called Attar of Roses? (I used to sniff it some 20 years ago). It is (or was I am not sure) a Smith's snuff rather than F&T. Regards Martin.
Hello! Most of the tobaccos are too weak for me, Dunhill´s "Early Morning Pipe" ist a great tobacco, bit not in the evening, when I have my Gin-Tonic. Therefore I am looking for the "real stuff" like Samuel Gawith´s "Black Pigtail", which you can not buy in Germany. Thank you for your kind answer! Yours Oliver Gold I have the twists from Gawith Hoggarth on my site which should foreful the desire. Regards Martin.
Can you supply Players Medium NavyCut UNTIPPED Or Senior Service UNTIPPED and prices if you would please Can you supply Players Medium NavyCut UNTIPPED Or Senior Service UNTIPPED and prices if you would please Yes, both and will contact you with further details. Regards Martin.
I have a Dunhill lighter from around 1955, the kind with the rollbar on the side. It used to work not long ago, so I thought it might be out of fuel, as I can no longer hear any escaping when I flip the top open. But when I attempt to refuel it, the butane immediatly exits through the smaller unscrewable opening next to the refueling cavity. Any idea what might be wrong? I was told it would cost around $125 to have it sent back to Dunhill, so trying to find a way to fix it on my own, heh. Thanks in advance. Sorry to report but this does not sound like a DIY job. Dunhill is the only solution!! Regards Martin.
I have a not very original question. My old Dunhill (1960's version) uses lighter fluid (petrol to you). I'm trying to recondition the lighter for my son. I can't seem to find any wicks for it. Any ideas? Substitutes? Thank you in advance. Lew in Savannah, Georgia I have various size wicks but I cannot say if they work ! Contact me by direct email if you would like further information.? Regards Martin.
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