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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Is Skoal Chewing Tobacco legal in the uk? Would it be legal to have some sent to me from the US? It is not legal for me to sell you Skoal but it is legal for someone in the US to send to you. The parcel should attract tobacco tax on arrival. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, last week I request a quoat for Snuff . Due you deliver to Germany ? Thanks for your help and best regards Bruno . Yes, I can send to most countries. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin..I have bought some snuffs and used them a few times I enjoy it.but I'm worried. Will sniffing snuff make me less intelligent? Will it kill brain cells and reduce the effeciency of my body in general (blood to the brain etc) Thankyou. I am not medical but I find snuff stimulates rather than sedates !! Regards Martin.
Do you sell the above named cigars as it is my Grandads 75th Birthday soon. If you do how much are they and the cost of postage also please. ps A box of 25 Yes, I will write to you direct. Regards Martin.
A question from out of touch California. Why has the supply of Gitanes & Gauloises dried up in the UK & USA? Production is moving from France to Spain and the French workers are not being helpful !! We have hopes for next month now !!? Regards Martin.
Martin, Are all Turkish Specials discontinued? Is there anywhere that I can get them? Thank you I still have some Specials tipped left, but after this I do not think you will find them anywhere! Regards Martin.
Hi Do you stock players or senior service plain cigarettes. Rgds Yes both, I still do not show everything on my site. Send a direct email for a quote. Regards Martin.
I vaguely remember a compnay called SULLIVANS ( so similar ) that sold Turkish filter cigs in a white-ish carton. Have i got the name right, and are they still around The good old days!! We lost these many years ago now the only on going range of Turkish is the Tor. Regards Martin.
how or who can i buy cohiba cigarettes from and mail to california? help maggie These are not available in the UK and I do not know which markets they are in, sorry. Regards Martin.
Hello Martin, I have a friend who year ago lived in the oman with her family. She was part of an RAF family and one day was telling me of some of the cigarettes she used to smoke: Wills wiffs passinf cloud nelsons cadets senior server which i noticed your store sold YES, Senior are the only one on your list still available! Regards Martin.
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