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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Does any company in the UK sell Dunhill spare parts Martin? Noel No!
Hello, I am trying to find tobacco for an old freind of mine. His preference has always been Balkan Sobranie, but he has been forced to change to Dobie's Four Square Green but can no longer find that either. You do not have it listed but you got me some once. Can you still get it? Ian Now long gone. Have a good sub in my Loose Widecombe mixture! Regards Martin.
Hello, My grandfather used to love warhorse tobacco, in a plug form. However he says it's now discontinued ? is this true ? and is there nowhere I can get it from ? The little Red packs are gone now ! Have other plugs perhaps look on my Murrays list or email me direct. Regards Martin.
Is it possible to get virginia slims 120 etc in the UK? The 120's here are Rothmans 120 and the More range. The Rothmans are on my site. Regards Martin.
I would like some snuff. My little research sugggests a moist snuff for beginners.In my wifes english garden we have lavender and mint herbs I enjoy.Please make a suggestion. My mother and father inlaw met in colledge with pround english histery. Names sheffer and Reed related to among others Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Francis Drake and Lady D. I was given a snuff holder. Please advise on choose and procedure to order about $30.00 cost USa The best starter in my Assorted packs in the Snuff ranges. This will give you an idea as to the flavours available,. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin. Received my order of Wilsons assorted very promptly. Am having a ball thankyou. Being new to the snuff experiance I read the postings in the "Snuff Box" and think "Iwould like to try that" etc . However I loath the possibility of getting 12 cans of such & such and not liking it. I live in Western Australia and therfore wonder if you will make up an order of various individual cans ? Kind regards Neil. Glad the order went well but I do not get involved with selecting various single tins, it is far to time consuming ! sorry. Regards Martin.
Will you be getting any disque bleu in stock? I hope ! Regards Martin.
I was on holiday in Greece a few years back and a friend brought some White Owl minatures which had a sweet texture to them. I managed to get some back in the UK from a tobbaconists in Yarmouth but they didn't appear as sweetened as the brand from Greece. I now realise that the minatures come in both normal and sweet brand. Also, I realise that they are undoubtably going to be more expensive in the UK (was about Ł6 for 5 in Yarmouth 2 years ago) than in Greece. Can you recommend a place where I can get this sweet brand or even any alternatives that have a pure sweet texture to them? The Mins are available here but only in the less sweet texture ! Regards Martin.
Dear Martin is ist possible to order same tins of St.Bruno flake? I always imported this tobacco from Switzerland to Austria but now this is impossible. Please tell me conditions and price! Thank you very much! Peter I can supply the flake but in the UK it comes in packets. I will contact you direct with more information. Regards Martin.
Martin, I have looked all over the place for the Hedges #26 snuff to no avail. A friend from Israel had a tin and I liked it better than the German Lottzbeck's Perl. Do you have access to the #26 or anything like it? You have found it ! In fact it is L260 and on my site under Hedges. Regards Martin.
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