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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Hi Martin,Are u still able to obtain me any Rudolf pipe tobacco through Tor imports?I have tried the christmas tree you sell but especially liked the rudolf mixture which you had in stock some time ago.Regards Nigel Dixon I will ask Tor ! Regards Martin.
Do you know the name of the pipe and the company that made it that Stephen Fry used in Gosford Park? Don Sigal No ! I did not study the pipe but if you can capture a picture then please send it on? Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, I recently posted a query regarding the removal of a build up of excessive carbon in the bowl of an old Meerschaum pipe that I acquired. It may be of interest to others in the same boat to learn the solution to ‘softening’ a build up of carbon prior to its safe removal. Water! A small amount of warm water applied to the carbon and left for a few minites appears to do the trick. It did so for me anyway. Thanks for this, but don't blame me if !! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, Is your dunhill 965 in a tin or pouch. Kind regards Simon Grant A tin in the UK. Regards Martin.
Hi, Some months ago, I got some Kendal Twist bearing the stamp on the back "LARGE DARK XX" Do you still stock this, and if you do the price, please. Dear Duncan, I hold in stock two Twists from Gawith H but can obtain others. The LARGE DARK XX is one at £3.77 a pack or the Black xxx in medium at £2.83. I will be pleased to send again, just email with a quantity? Regards Martin.
Hi, I have just come back from Dubi, where i have brought a lovely hookah set with flavored tobacco, but i am unable to smoke it because i don't have any instnet lighting coal. Can you help me get hold of some. Dear Sir, I have stock of the coals at £1.95 a roll. The minimum order without other products would be 5 rolls. Perhaps phone if you would like to proceed? Regards Martin.
From Los Angeles, CA. Any old balkan sobranie, Mcconnells (scottish cake or oriental mixture), old Rattrays Do you have any? Also dardanella, GBD original etc. do you recommend anything current that is close? My brother lives in Bury St. Edmonds, how far is that from your shop? Regards Walter Wenko Dear Walter, The Mcconnells and Rattrays ranges are still available and on my site. Regards Martin.
Way back in the seventies my Grandfather used to smoke Erinmore in his pipe, it used to smell really nice.Im a pipe smoker myself and I have tried Erinmore a few times but it is not the same. Any ideas ? The Smell can be very different from a taste and this applied very much in the Erinmore case! Regards Martin.
i found a pipe called casa de clark (floridian) can you tell who makes it and how much it's worth Sorry not come across this pipe. Regards Martin.
doyou sell sharrowking size menthol tips Not in stock but if still required I can order you in 12 packets? Regards Martin.
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